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A Commercial Worth Talking About …

I know, that’s quite a twist. If I am not fast forwarding through them, I mute them. However, I have to give some credit to the new seasonal holiday Alltel commercials. They are recreating holiday cartooning from the Frosty and Rudolph days. I just love it. Of course the commercial itself is rather funny. It’s hard for me to believe that Rudolph would stamp his hoof like that but, well, you never know. This is one commercial that hits the spot this season and really understands what it means to be capture an audience’s attention. I think I am going to go check and see what Chad is doing right now.

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Changing Times

It’s funny to think that less than 10 years ago, caller ID was an add-on feature.  You had to actually buy a little caller ID box to link in between your phone line and telephone.  Now, caller ID, call waiting ID, caller ID ring tones are standard fare on all telephones and cell phones.

This sprang to mind because I noticed that one of the hot items this year in every advertisement in the Sunday paper was for a portable GPS.  It seems every store had a major deal on their front page trying to entice customers to buy one.   If you want GPS in your car, you pay a heavy price for it.  However, give it another five years and GPS will be a standard feature in every new car and the portable GPS will be another obsolete product, just like those little caller ID boxes are now.

The changing times can bring better solutions, greater innovation, and above all else, wonderfully fun new toys!

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Holiday Specials

Don’t forget to catch tonight’s annual Peanuts Christmas Special!  It’s a true treat, one I never miss.  One of the best parts — watching all the kids, and Snoopy, dance.  That just absolutely makes me smile every time.  Ya gotta love it!

November 27, 2007 at 12:06 am 2 comments

To tell or not to tell?

I have noticed a trend lately in movies, books, blogs, etc. about affairs. It would seem that now, more than ever, affairs are occurring.   If you believe what some media states, it’s higher among women than ever.  That is not the trend I have noticed lately. What I have noticed is that when one partner learns of his/her partner’s infidelity and by happenstance also learns that a friend(s) were aware of the situation, this person will go ballistic with “you should have told me’s” and other verbal attacks.

For those of you, like me, who have been in this situation, it’s a tough call.  When it happened to me, I could hear my friend yelling at me in my head to the tune of “why didn’t you tell” and “I thought we were friends” and “doesn’t our friendship mean more to you than that” and other related barbs and also considered if the situation were reversed, I would definitely want to know up front, no matter how much it hurt. So, after I learned my friend Robin’s boyfriend Joe was kissing around behind her back (having seen it firsthand), I went to Robin’s that night after dinner and shared the horrible news.

For all of you who have ever faced this situation and think this is the way to go, let me be the first to tell you that it backfired.  Robin got mad at me.  It was a case of firing the messenger.  She eventually found out the truth on her own (having chosen not to believe me) but we were never the same kind of friends again.

You really cannot win in these situations. But if your friendship truly means anything to you at all, I would still do the same thing again. I did not want her to be humiliated, to be in more pain than she needed to be, and to be able to move forward to find someone who would treat her the way she deserved.  Yes, I would still do it again today even knowing the results.  But I can certainly understand why others say to stay out of it all together.  Either way, there are consequences.  It’s a shame really as the blame, anger, pain, or frustration should be directed at the cheater, but it never fully is.  Humans sure are interesting!

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You Got That Right!

Not everyone is thinking about or looking for ways to ‘get’ things out of people. Some realize that it’s just as important to just give things away (See Seth Godin’s blog). When I think about people, I tend to see things one way or the other – you are either a giver or a taker, a collaborator or a solo artist, a chatty cathy or a silent sally, etc. I know wonderful people in each category and feel blessed to have such a variety of friends in my life. Today, I am very grateful to have met and learned from some of the best people in the world. My friends, colleagues, and mentors have given me so much; more than they will probably ever be able to know. For that, I thank you but will also do my best to continue providing the same in return. Have a great day!

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To Give Is Divine ..

As most of us are preparing for either the big Thanksgiving feast that is almost upon us or preparing for the 4am sprint Friday morning, I started thinking about the little things. To me, it is the little things, the simple things that mean so much. For example, today, I sold some lamps and a tv on Craigslist to different individuals. When the guy came to get the tv and realized I did leadership coaching, he inquired about it and mentioned some ideas for me (as I am relatively new to the area). This was unsolicited and wholly appreciated.

I started thinking about the ways that I help others, in random and unsolicited ways. I used to be an incredible giver. So much so, that all I ever did was give and never asked for help or accepted anything. I had some unhealthy moments where I learned that you can’t lean to one extreme or the other. I am now much better about asking for help and am much better about not being so automatic in my generosity. It’s a tough lesson.  Is there anything that you have done like this that you are proud of?

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I recognize that the point of advertising and marketing is to get people to think about your product, to learn about your product, to understand the value a product can bring me.  We are repeatedly told that it takes 7 to 9 impressions before a customer will actually make a purchase.  That amazes me but I am sure there is plenty of research to support it.  What I don’t get is if more consumers are TIVO-ing/ DVR-ing television shows so they can zoom through the commercials and tv is slowly dying anyway, why is every other commercial about a car, a drug of some type, or a movie preview?  People don’t buy a new every car every weekend, more like every few years (or more).  We are such savvy medical professionals ourselves, we can check webmd or any other site for information on what ails us and what will cure us.  It doesn’t even matter much anymore if critics pan a movie as the public has their own tastes and isn’t afraid to show it.

If you ask me, what the Big Heads (that is what I call the big dogs at large corporations) need to do is consider how we, the public, consume information and where we are likely to see images that appeal to us.  I don’t know about you, but between various internet sites, email, RSS feeders, and other means, my curiosity gets piqued a lot more there than through general media.  TV – well I either zoom through commercials or I mute them.  Movies – well I am a captive audience in a theater, so those little ads on screen do tend to get some of my attention.  Magazines – not so much anymore because I have either stopped subscribing or there seems to be a 10 perfume ads within that taint the whole experience.   Why aren’t they thinking creatively with the consumer in mind?  Boggles the mind.

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