Welcome to the Saturation Zone!

November 10, 2007 at 6:43 pm Leave a comment

I am joining the fray of blogging. Actually, not completely true, as this is technically my second blog. The first is built within my website, if you want to check that one out too. Why would I do this when as a society we are already overloaded with choice, options, alternatives? The answer is simple, I have things to say just like anyone else. Or like everyone else?

I actually do believe that we are well beyond our saturation point; to the point that all the noise is starting to be deafening. EBay and Google are great resource tools, but specificity is the key or you will wind up with thousands of results when searching for a vintage Mrs. Beasley doll. But I also believe that this has made me better at understanding what I want or like, or don’t. I skim better than I ever have (not always my best quality when it comes to certain texts) but I am also more adept at finding the right needle in the haystack on the internet. I love researching now, maybe because it’s my choice. That is the ultimately the key to this oversaturation issue: learning what choices you want to make and making them; to hell with everything else. You have a voice, use it!


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