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I recognize that the point of advertising and marketing is to get people to think about your product, to learn about your product, to understand the value a product can bring me.  We are repeatedly told that it takes 7 to 9 impressions before a customer will actually make a purchase.  That amazes me but I am sure there is plenty of research to support it.  What I don’t get is if more consumers are TIVO-ing/ DVR-ing television shows so they can zoom through the commercials and tv is slowly dying anyway, why is every other commercial about a car, a drug of some type, or a movie preview?  People don’t buy a new every car every weekend, more like every few years (or more).  We are such savvy medical professionals ourselves, we can check webmd or any other site for information on what ails us and what will cure us.  It doesn’t even matter much anymore if critics pan a movie as the public has their own tastes and isn’t afraid to show it.

If you ask me, what the Big Heads (that is what I call the big dogs at large corporations) need to do is consider how we, the public, consume information and where we are likely to see images that appeal to us.  I don’t know about you, but between various internet sites, email, RSS feeders, and other means, my curiosity gets piqued a lot more there than through general media.  TV – well I either zoom through commercials or I mute them.  Movies – well I am a captive audience in a theater, so those little ads on screen do tend to get some of my attention.  Magazines – not so much anymore because I have either stopped subscribing or there seems to be a 10 perfume ads within that taint the whole experience.   Why aren’t they thinking creatively with the consumer in mind?  Boggles the mind.


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