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I have been a Redskins for as long as I have a memory. I have no idea how it started but love them nonetheless.  Yes, I yell at the TV when they lose to the Cowboys because I hate Dallas more than any other team in the league.  But tonight, not only did we stomp all over them in fine fashion, we beat them by exactly 21 points.  If you ask me, there couldn’t have been a finer tribute to Sean Taylor than that.  Of course, being in Nebraska, I only got to see bits and pieces of the game, as the stupid Broncos game is considerable local, but it was no less sweet.

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Miracle on 34th Street

Well, I didn’t see this movie once during the holiday season.  You can usually count on WGN to show it, but apparently I missed it if it was on.  And yes, I am absolutely referring to the B&W version and not the remade version or the colorized version – no thanks.

So, no Miracle on 34th Street, and no miracle on 132nd street – and no snow on Christmas morn.   I know this is not popular around here, but I am truly wishing for a big snow- a blizzard-like snow.  Alas, it’s not coming anytime soon as we are to have a big thaw next week (50’s or higher).  Shoot, if I wanted that, I would have stayed in NC!   C’mon snow, come on out and play.

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Merry Christmas Eve

The little girl in me wishes for a white Christmas, a snapling fire, hot chocolate, and a plate of cookies.   I can control some of that and will do my darndest.  But the little girl in me, just like Ralphie, wants to wake up tomorrow to the white noise of snow.   Do you remember how you felt as a kid?  Do you ever feel that way now? If you don’t, it’s time to get in touch with that ten-year old inside because it’s what keeps us young.  Watching the Weather Channel isn’t going to dampen my spirits and make me stop wishing any less for a white Christmas because miracles do still happen!

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PC vs. MAC

I am a huge fan of the PC vs. MAC commercials. It’s probably one of the few that I don’t get annoyed by the repetition because they really don’t knock you over the head in frequency and they tend to be hilarious no matter how times you see them.

I love the fact that they have now made a holiday claymation kind of cartoon commercial. I have only seen it once (darn it) but immediately loved how they captured the spirit of the moment and conveyed a great message.  It would be nice to see it a few more times, but as with all things wonderful at the holidays, you sometimes just have to enjoy what you have no matter how much more you want.

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It’s about giving …

I don’t like the spotlight. At all. So, as I started to write for today, it occurred to me that yesterday’s post didn’t hit the mark for me in terms of what I want this blog to be about. Ultimately it’s about learning, sharing, laughing in whatever form or manner that happens. Yesterday was not a good “us” kind of day. I made it about me and I wish I hadn’t.

As I regain perspective today, the lesson was costly, but I am still here kicking and screaming. And as long as I am, I will not let anyone take away my spirit. It’s about giving. This morning on my way to work, I gave all my change to the Salvation Army at the grocery store. When the little girl wanted to ride one of those mechanical rides outside the grocery and her mom didn’t have any money, I gave her some. To be able to give was a wonderful feeling and made my troubles melt away. So, I have decided to do what I can toward resolving my costly lesson but not at the expense of those special in my life. All the presents I unwrapped last night so I could take them back? Anissa will happily re-wrap them tonight (and since I LOVE to wrap presents, it’s a treat for me too).

Will I get the money back that was scammed from me? Maybe not. Will it hurt some of my future plans? Yes. But I am making some lemonade with my lemons and it feels a lot better than crying, being depressed, and shunning the world out of fear. My wish for everyone is to think about what and who you hold dear. Now go tell them!

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Tis the season for thieves ….

Guess I am not as smart as I thought. I made the horrible mistake of trying to sell some furniture on Craig’s List (do not blame site in any way) and was taken for a scam. Even with a certified cashiers check, I was taken for $2000. This is money I do not have, especially not at this time of year. I have had such optimism about the internet, the world, people.

This disheartens me greatly. It’s a very sad holiday for me as many gifts now have to go back, etc. because I don’t want to put myself into a situation where I cannot make payments or other checks bounce. Maybe Seth’s idea about eBooks has some merit, when before I had thought free was the way to go. I guess that makes me that much more of a sucker, huh?

To all of you out there, I truly hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Better than mine 🙂

NOTE: It would seem, as a society, we are tolerating this kind of anonymous behavior.  I have tried police, courts, FBI, Fraud, Bank, lawyers, and other notable institutions to try to recover the monies and prosecute and all tell me that it’s basically a waste of time and I should just embrace this tough lesson learned.  WOW!  I think the real lesson is that we have become too complacent, but that’s just one girl’s opinion.

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Cheezburger Cheezburger Cheezburger

I don’t know how many of you have ever checked out this site, but it’s hilarious. It started in January or so and I have been pretty diligent about checking daily. The pics speak for themselves and absolutely have me laughing out loud. Often my own cats give me the “look” which only sends me into more giggle fits. Looking at the very first picture that started it all will tickle you as many others will too! If you ever need a pick me up, this is a great site to do it for you!

As for me, a little humor during a time of sadness can really aid the soul. I’m off – to the Westroads Mall to show my support for all that were affected by the tragedy earlier in the week. We are not afraid, we will move on, we will survive. Right now, I will do all I can to support my community. Have a great weekend everyone!

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It would seem that I watch a lot of holiday cartoons and in essence, am a bit fluffy or lack seriousness.  That can be true at times. Especially after being less than a few miles from the Westroads mall in Omaha, Nebraska and having missed the opportunity of being at the mall by approximately a half hour.  A coworker was actually at that mall, in the Von Maur, only 30 minutes prior to the shooting.  That is just way too close to home for me.  Another coworker has been tragically touched by this shooting. Again, way too close to home.

So, when I think about that, and I think about the Virginia Tech Massacre, I can admit that sometimes I can be a bit of an ostrich and want to bury my head in the sand.  I want to, but I know that it’s not realistic.  So when those moments come along that allows a bit of a respite from the tragedy of Iraq and every day life, I do what I can to recharge my emotional battery.

I hope all of you are doing the same. It’s a rough world we can live in. It’s also a truly beautiful, magical, and loving world.  It can be hard to balance the two, but every single one of us has the power to love, heal, forgive, forget, and love some more.  Make that a priority and all you need and want will come your way.  My best to everyone!

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I am watching this right now. Are you?  Why not?  It’s a classic.  I love it when Rudolph gets all excited that Clarice likes him.  I feel bad for him when he talks funny with his nose covered. And Yukon Cornelius and Hermy are great pals.  I have never seen the “sequel” to this (as I have not with Frosty either).  Go watch it!

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