Lost faith

January 5, 2008 at 5:25 pm Leave a comment

Is it any wonder that so many have lost faith in the very institutions that are supposed to help us?  I was the losing end of a scam last month and after reporting this to the police, small claims court, Western Union, my bank, FBI, fraud.org and numerous others per feedback I had received, I have been told that I need to accept that I learned one heckuva expensive lesson. Wait, what, huh?  The Omaha police will not investigate, will not work with Western Union or my bank, nothing.  I have been told that it’s just too big of a ring to break and even the FBI are useless to help me, so I should just pay better attention in the future and learn to be less trusting.   Wow, great advice I guess.  Why do we have a police department with taxpayer monies when they won’t do anything to help someone recover $2000?  My trust for this particular organization has certainly taken a big dive, which I guess was the police officer’s intent when giving me the advice.  I have to say, I feel like I have been victimized twice – once by the lovely scam artist who aimed to ruin my Christmas and then by the police officer who told me that I was screwed and to give up any hope because they were not going to do anything to help me.

What an interesting way to start the new year.  Others had shared their horror stories relative to the Omaha police.  A coworker had his car broken into and the police took over a month to get back to him to take the report.  I guess my only having to wait 3 weeks should be deemed a success.  That wasn’t the only story that had been shared with me of citizens who were ripped off, cars or home broken into, or other misfortunes with the Omaha police did little to nothing.  At first I thought all the violence that existed in Omaha was just gang-related but now I see that with a police department like this, it’s no wonder the city has shootings almost every single day.


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