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Is this you?

Anxiety is a false fear that corrupts and disrupts your life. In essence, you are letting those tiny little seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon. SO STOP! Enjoy life and when you need to, have fun spitting out the seeds that got by you. Why do I bring this up? Because in the past 24 hours, I have heard quite a few people do the “what if” dance, rooted in anxiety for something that may (or may not) even happen. What if-ing a situation will get you nowhere. You can plan ahead all you want but until that situation actually presents itself (if it even does), you cannot be certain of anything.

I know, you think, she’s no expert, so she should mind her own business. Well, true. But I am an observer of life and I can share many stories in which all that planning and worry and fretful thinking led to nothing. Sometimes, because the situation never materialized. Sometimes, because all that advanced thought eventually trivialized things. Regardless, why not live in the now and enjoy the journey of life instead of thinking about may be that may not even become?

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And the winner is …

Well, I have my guesses. Do you have yours?  There are something about these shows that appeal to me. It’s not the gossipy, who’s wearing what, tinsel-town awe that I have. It’s has more to do with the movies themselves. I love a great popcorn flick and enjoy trying to see if who I believe should win, does.   I guess it’s no different than picking teams to win in March Madness.

I will fully admit that I was thrilled to see Juno win for best picture at the Indie Film awards last night.  One can only hope that the Oscars reward other original thinkers, writers, and filmmakers tonight. Yes, I will be sitting there taking it all in; the good, the bad, and the boring.

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What kind of people are we?

I will fully admit that seeing animals or children harmed in any way sparks a pain inside of me like no other. But it also sparks incredible fury.  I cannot understand anyone who hurts an animal or a child. I will never understand them, I don’t want to understand them and it’s one of the rare times I find no mercy in my heart at all.

To see the bits of video I was able to stomach relative to the beef recall that occurred in California based on the treatment of cows at the Hallmark plant .. well I am so damn mad I want to shove them with a forklift. But I know that it will help nothing; it never does.  Instead I will do what I think is a better way to handle things, continue to support the Humane Society.   I hope you do too!

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Hoosier Ball

Bobby was the Coach at IU for what seems like forever (reality 29 years).  During that time, he never once brought the scrutiny of the NCAA to Indiana.  His program was clean, athletes graduated and he won games.   Kelvin Sampson, our newest head coach, is a disgrace to the Hoosier name and is proving to be a poor hire. I didn’t actually support his hiring but would gladly support his firing.  Anyone who would take the tradition of Hoosier basketball and tarnish it with sanctions from the NCAA .. well, they need to go.  No win is worth this.

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End of the Bobby Era

I don’t think I have been more shocked to read a headline than I was 10 minutes ago. To see “Texas Tech coach, Bob Knight, resigns midseason” just stopped me cold. I don’t ever remember a time that I wasn’t a Bobby Knight and a Hoosier basketball fan. I grew up on it. When I was in first grade, we moved to Greenwood, Indiana and it started then. Did it start before then, I have no idea. But I can say for sure it has been going ever since.

I chose to go to IU as an undergrad in large part because of Bobby Knight, college basketball, the Hoosier tradition, and to be back home in Indiana. While at IU, I worked on the Lilly Endowment Fund, a program to raise monies for the school library, in conjunction with Coach Knight. He was selfless, tireless, and dedicated to the cause without hesitation. By sheer coincidence, I was visiting IU the weekend that the “incident” occurred that ended up causing the end of his career at IU. I will forever think that kid was a punk, with little respect for the game, the Coach, or the institution. I believe Miles Brand kowtowed. It was a rare moment in history in which I was sad for how IU acted but was grateful for the campus connection during the firestorm.

He left, but my love for IU has remained. Alas, my love for Texas Tech emerged shortly thereafter. I followed my Coach and my heart while the Red Raiders emerged victorious under his leadership. Do I think Coach Knight’s methods are the best? Not always, but I have always been proud of how clean his programs are, the graduation rates of his players, the loyalty he inspires in his players and coaches, and most of all, his knowledge of the game. He is a great coach to watch. I will truly miss this man. This Coach.

Denounce his methods all you want but this is a Coach …

  • whose first NCAA title came in 1976 when Indiana went undefeated, a feat no team has accomplished since.
  • who has won national titles at IU in 1976, ’81 and ’87.
  • who has led the Red Raiders to five 20-win seasons, a first at the school.
  • who passed former UNC coach Dean Smith as the winningest Division I coach Jan. 1, 2007, getting career win No. 880. His record will stand at 902 wins.
  • who coached the 1984 U.S. Olympic team to a gold medal in Los Angeles.
  • who began his coaching career at Army at the age of 24, the youngest-ever Division I coach.
  • who has won 20 or more games in 29 seasons.

College basketball has lost something special in my opinion but I know he made the right choice at the right time for the right reasons. His son Pat will be a great coach for the Red Raiders and I will continue to follow them, just as I continue to follow Steve Alford, Coach K and others who have worked with Bobby Knight. Coach, hope the fly fishing treats you well!

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All Hail the Groundhog

So, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and is predicting six more weeks of winter. It’s interesting how much we live by tradition but here’s another example of our doing so.  I personally am thrilled with the prediction and hope that means we will actually get more snow than an inch or two at a time. Just one more big ole snow and I will be happy.  This does not endear me to my friends, coworkers and neighbors, but they can make their own wishes and see what happens!!  After missing out on the seasons for over twelve years, I have been loving this winter and enjoying every minute of it. Though for many who have been reading this or know me, my chief complaint as been not enough snow.  But I have loved what we have gotten.  As I write, I happily watch it snow. It’s been a beautiful sight for the past several hours; one I hope does not end anytime soon!

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