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February 25, 2008 at 11:57 pm Leave a comment

Anxiety is a false fear that corrupts and disrupts your life. In essence, you are letting those tiny little seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon. SO STOP! Enjoy life and when you need to, have fun spitting out the seeds that got by you. Why do I bring this up? Because in the past 24 hours, I have heard quite a few people do the “what if” dance, rooted in anxiety for something that may (or may not) even happen. What if-ing a situation will get you nowhere. You can plan ahead all you want but until that situation actually presents itself (if it even does), you cannot be certain of anything.

I know, you think, she’s no expert, so she should mind her own business. Well, true. But I am an observer of life and I can share many stories in which all that planning and worry and fretful thinking led to nothing. Sometimes, because the situation never materialized. Sometimes, because all that advanced thought eventually trivialized things. Regardless, why not live in the now and enjoy the journey of life instead of thinking about may be that may not even become?


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And the winner is … Disillusionment

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