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Well, I continually to look at the world through rose-colored glasses even though the Omaha Police, Detectives, Fraud, FBI, and others were unwilling to assist with the $2000 I was scammed out of prior to Christmas.

At that exact same time, PayPal came a-calling telling me that a buyer who purchased a washer and dryer from me in July was disputing the transaction. We corresponded via email and she felt bad for not remembering paying for half of it via credit card. She told her credit card company to stop the dispute and reprocess the charge. Funny, PayPay haven’t accept the monies even though this transaction was reprocessed on 1/8/08. They told me it could take up to 75 days and to be patient, but while I have been patient, PayPal lovingly sent me off to a collection agency for prompt payment (i.e. send the money NOW) or they will damage my credit.

So, since again PayPal will not stop the collection process even though they are the one’s telling me about this 75 day window and must wait until March 27th for them to collect the money. What kind of absolute nonsense is this? I am trying not to think “here we go again, Anissa gets screwed out of more money” but it’s darn hard not to. Basically, that forgetful girl who couldn’t remember how she paid for her new washer and dryer, has basically gotten it for free now. I on the other hand am out both the goods and the money.

If things really happen in threes, I am truly scared to see what the next monetary hurdle will be thrown into my path. Regardless, I can honesty say I have closed my account with PayPal. I will never use them or eBay again (same company). It would seem that these types of auction sites just lead to nothing but trouble and I for one have had my fill. I hope no one else has any of this kind of luck.


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