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So, I happened upon Amazon’s site today.  I don’t know why I say that like it was pure happenstance.  I probably go to the Amazon site a few times a week for various things. I am a huge supporter and find Jeff Bezos and company to be very innovative and creative.

What struck me today was the main page. It was a direct greeting from Bezos about their product, Kindle.  I had not known that their goal was to start a fire with that device, but I do believe it’s catching on. I am not sure how soon I will embrace this, but if my love of books continues in my lifetime, this tool is impressive.

It would certainly be lighter than lugging around 20 books with me, especially when traveling!  Oh sure, my growing library might seem outdated, but then again who cares?

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This is the end, my friend the end…

I love this sport! No, Memphis didn’t win the NCAA tournament as I had hoped.  Nonetheless, it was an amazing game and the exact reason why I love this time of year.  Neither team is one that I regularly watch and I can say that for many of the teams in the tournament.  But the games are always exciting. Always interesting. Always great entertainment.  I have nail marks in my palms from this game.  Time for a little black tomorrow, as I mourn the end of the season.  Tell me it couldn’t get any better than this game?!  It had it all, and then some!

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Final Four Awesomeness

What an awesome Final Four matchup.  All the number one seeds. Three of my four picks in their last tangos.  I was on the edge of my seat watching the Kansas game.  My friend Jan was laughing at me because I would get so agitated whenever UNC started gaining ground.   But alas, Kansas pulled it out.

So, I picked Kansas and Memphis for the big dance, with Memphis coming out on top.  One can only hope 🙂  But regardless, I think this is going to be one helluva a great game to watch.

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March Madness brings Tournament Turmoil

I don’t know about you, but I am suffering from some serious college basketball withdrawal! It happens every year but it doesn’t get any easier to manage!  I know the season must end, but oh how I hate to see it go.
Let’s go MEMPHIS!

And hey, did you see that IU got themselves a new coach? I believe he will bring back the Hoosier tradition we have been missing since Coach Knight left and install Hoosier pride in our basketball program once again.  He better anyway!

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