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SJP-then and now

For those of who didn’t blink and miss it, Sarah Jessica Parker was on a show in the very early 80’s called Square Pegs. Yes, I have made references to it over the years and receiving more quizzical looks as time passed. Nevertheless, she was on a truly 80’s based show, about preppies (Jami Gertz) and wanting to be popular when you feel you are a geek. It lasted a season (maybe) and sadly, I can still remember some of the show’s theme music and song (so glad no one can’t hear me singing it right now).

As luck would have it, the TV DVD Gods have decided that this must be released to the world. NOW. For those die-hard Sex and the City fans are going to want to scoop up anything SJP in the wake of the movie coming out this weekend. Ahh, what a marketing oriented world we will live in as the powers that be are hoping that this will be an “impulse” buy along with the past seasons of Sex and the City and other movies by members of the cast. Yes, I will be resisting. I am still waiting for the DVD launch of Major Dad.

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Just how hard can it be?

Really, how hard can it be to nice? We were all taught the golden rule. We have all heard that we shouldn’t say anything at all if we can’t say anything nice. So, why are people so rude, or disagreeable, or just plain indifferent?

I have noticed it everywhere. A group of us at work misdialed an employee’s number and got a coworker we weren’t expecting. That person basically slammed the phone down in our ears. What odd treatment of your coworkers; folks of the same team!

I called to make an appointment and the person yelled at me because her computer was running slow and told me to call back later. I didn’t get a goodbye, just the dial tone in my ear. Interestingly enough, when I called another provider, she indicated that their website wasn’t responding well and could she either email, fax or mail me the information I had requested after the site came back up. I received the email hours later.

I don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing that is appreciated during this hard time we are all enduring, is a nice word, a kind smile, a small gesture. We are all having to navigate the waters of high gas prices, skyrocketing food costs, housing dilemmas, and the like. But if we all took a second to register that everyone is not the enemy, it would be such a kinder place to be. I will continue to try on my end too!

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I am sure you saw that headline and wondered, “hmm, what kind of addictions has Anissa engaged in?” Sorry to disappoint, but I was talking about my addiction to to-do lists. I know it’s crazy to think about but I think I have a problem. I use to-do lists at work, at home, for school. I have been known to have a big to-do list of all the things I need to accomplish in a weekend, for example, and then sub lists for each day.

So, I decided this madness must stop. I don’t want to live my life by what I “should” do and think all of us could take a lesson and stop shoulding on ourselves. I chucked every single to-do list I had and have been experimenting on weekends. I don’t make any lists; I don’t tell myself that I should do this or that. I just do. Any where, any time, any thing. Crazy enough, this is how I think we should all live our lives. (See there is that should word again).

The one advantage that I have noticed in the few short weeks I have been exploring this is that my weekends are becoming almost nirvana-like. I truly feel like I am escaping from the drudgery of life and feel like a kid again. I don’t think about chores, work, things that need to be done next week, or any other demand. I just enjoy being out with friends, going to movies, reading a book, exploring this still-new city to me, doing the things I enjoy, and yes, taking a nap if I want. If you are a to-do lister, I will never dissuade you of their impact and importance. But I will advocate for vacations from your to-do list. Being spontaneous has never felt so fantastic!

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There is no other word to describe it.  As I sit at my desk looking out a large picture window, I can see a family of bunnies playing in and around the trees and flowers at the base of the yard.  My perception is that they are having a great time frolicking.  At one point, one of the bunnies was hopping along after another and then they both stopped at the same time.  One licked the others’ ear.   As I watch this, I start to consider how much majesty is in the world that I sometimes either don’t notice or don’t take the time to appreciate.  I know that going forward, the bunnies will be the first thing I look for when I look out my window.

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All it takes is one

So, for those who know me, is one of my favorite sites and has been since they launched their initial site. I have watched it grow and expand; even trying to get a job there once!!  It was awesome to see their headquarters, to meet other Amazon’ers, and feel the majesty that is Jeff Bezos.  Yes, even after all that, still a huge fan.

But what makes me a bigger fan is how they are using their site to help the American Red Cross and all the victims of the Myanmar cyclone and China earthquake.  If you haven’t considered lending a hand prior, maybe this will help to bring out the charity in all of us.  Thank you Amazon!

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