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I am sure you saw that headline and wondered, “hmm, what kind of addictions has Anissa engaged in?” Sorry to disappoint, but I was talking about my addiction to to-do lists. I know it’s crazy to think about but I think I have a problem. I use to-do lists at work, at home, for school. I have been known to have a big to-do list of all the things I need to accomplish in a weekend, for example, and then sub lists for each day.

So, I decided this madness must stop. I don’t want to live my life by what I “should” do and think all of us could take a lesson and stop shoulding on ourselves. I chucked every single to-do list I had and have been experimenting on weekends. I don’t make any lists; I don’t tell myself that I should do this or that. I just do. Any where, any time, any thing. Crazy enough, this is how I think we should all live our lives. (See there is that should word again).

The one advantage that I have noticed in the few short weeks I have been exploring this is that my weekends are becoming almost nirvana-like. I truly feel like I am escaping from the drudgery of life and feel like a kid again. I don’t think about chores, work, things that need to be done next week, or any other demand. I just enjoy being out with friends, going to movies, reading a book, exploring this still-new city to me, doing the things I enjoy, and yes, taking a nap if I want. If you are a to-do lister, I will never dissuade you of their impact and importance. But I will advocate for vacations from your to-do list. Being spontaneous has never felt so fantastic!


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