Perception is Reality

June 27, 2008 at 11:42 am Leave a comment

This is a tough one for some to understand or even believe, but it’s true. Perception is reality in the eye of the beholder.  For example, NBC news believed that if Maria Shriver continued to work for them, there would exist a conflict of interest in her reporting while Ahnuld was Governor of California. Surely she there are more topics to report on than just politics, but their belief was that the perception was reality, so they came to an agreement (!!) in which she stopped working for them.

There are examples of perception is reality in all areas of life. If you are sitting at your desk at work around 2pm, eating your lunch (and you are taking your lunch hour) while checking your personal email, or checking your Facebook page, or watching the latest funnies on YouTube, or even shopping on, your coworkers could perceive this to be you goofing off on the job.  They could perceive that you are a slacker or someone who uses the the clock to your own advantage when you should be working.  This is their perception.  Unless they absolutely know you are taking your lunch, how would they know that you had a meeting from 12-2 and are taking your lunch late that day?

Now, one could say, it’s not anyone’s business how one manages their time and that is certainly true, but when you rely on said coworkers, it’s never good to give them ammunition.  Something to think about!


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