A night never imagined (again)

June 28, 2008 at 8:48 am Leave a comment

I am in a local coffee shop trying to stay on schedule for school (researching, etc.) but also to escape.  Yesterday, around 5 or so, Omaha got hit pretty hard by severe storms.  There hasn’t been any confirmations about tornados, but they have confirmed hurricane-like winds of 80 and 100 mph ripping through the city.

I can honestly say it was scary beyond belief and being able to see it because it was so early in the day was not helpful at all.  Yes, I was watching it, from my closet, the farthest interior room.  The last time I remember something like this was in 1996 with Hurricane Fran when it passed right over Raleigh, NC.  It happened largely overnight but I remember trying to sleep through it so that I could wake up and believe it to be a dream. No such luck then, or now.

So, I am escaping the lack of electricity and food for some news, adult interaction, and a little normalcy.  Once I do a bit of schoolwork, I will head out and see how I can help some neighbors.  It’s an ugly mess but we will get past this!


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Perception is Reality Lighting up the Night

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