Lighting up the Night

June 30, 2008 at 12:43 pm Leave a comment

So, the Omaha storm took my power out for some time. I am grateful I have it back, as many still do not.  I will say that one thing struck me Friday night in all the blackness that was my neighborhood and all of the surrounding neighborhoods – the darkness seemed unusual to me and so did nature.

What I mean is, around 10 or so, I was brushing my teeth by flashlight (not a single candle in my entire place – how is that for prepared) and heard firecrackers.  I looked out my bathroom window and the most amazing fireworks display began. It lasted for quite a long time and was absolutely magnificent.  Without any of the normal house and street lights, the display was that much more illuminating and beautiful.  I was a little awe-struck to be able to see all of this from my window.

More than that, when I went to bed shortly thereafter, I could see all the fireflies in the back yard and the empty field next to my place.  I don’t remember seeing that many fireflies since I was a kid and it’s most likely because I either don’t bother to notice or don’t put myself in a position to see nature at night.  But with no AC, all the windows and blinds were open and could see the little butts of fireflies lighting up everywhere.

It seems that electricity really does change how we view things and with the incredible darkness and quiet of the night, it was actually hard to sleep. Not because of that, but because it was nice to be up and aware.  Just lovely.


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