No thanks, I gave at the office

July 6, 2008 at 12:33 pm Leave a comment

I received an interesting call just prior to the 4th from someone who has never called me at home or to have a personal conversation outside of the workplace.  Within the workplace, the only thing she would ever do is bitch and moan about her boss. That was the full extent of our relationship, if you could call it one.   Her call was to request a favor of me, based in her own self interest (is there another kind).  Not one question to me about how I was doing, how are things going, what’s new with you – just can you do this?

I said no. Repeatedly.  For someone who used to have that awful disease of saying yes to anything and everything, it felt awesome.  I haven’t had this disease for quite a while, but once in a great while, it will rear its ugly head. Not this time.  Her issue is not mine and I have no desire to help someone who a) can’t help themselves and b) doesn’t give one iota about me.   I wish her well in her quest to save her ass.


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