Emerging from the corporate cocoon

July 12, 2008 at 12:12 am Leave a comment

On the drive home after a get together with friends, I found myself reflecting on some of our conversation.  It is truly sad the number of bad bosses there are in the world.  I have shared this before but it is sad that I don’t know a single person who likes their immediate boss. I mean likes as in they are learning new things from this person, enjoys the working relationship, feels motivated by this person, and is actively being developed and coached by this person.  All I ever hear is how miserable my friends are and how much they can’t stand their boss.  It is rarely the company, or the pay, or the benefits.

What I hear repeatedly are things like:  my boss is an idiot, my boss has no vision, my boss couldn’t make a decision if it was to save her soul, my boss is a jerk, my boss doesn’t know anything about what I do, my boss wouldn’t even know where to find me (this boss must never leave her office), my boss doesn’t even know enough to be the receptionist, my boss talks a good game but that’s all it is- talk and a game, my boss makes big to-do’s about things once and then never mentions them again (that’s corporate America for you – mission statements and core values discussed once, never to be heard from again).

I find it more and more amazing that Gen X’ers are starting their own businesses.  My belief is we are tired of working for Corporate America when layoffs, pension cuts, insurance increases, little or no pay raises (1-3% pay raises for the past 10 years is a smack in the face), fading bonuses, and increased work demands provide little time for anything else.  What amazes me is the hope, determination, and desire that still exists and is now being shared with the world.  If you would like daily inspiration, I suggest this blog.  I can suggest other sources as you decide to paint your professional canvas!


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