I want my chai!!

July 21, 2008 at 5:20 pm Leave a comment

So, the news that Starbucks is closing 600 stores is not news anymore. There are even folks out there creating “saving our starbucks” campaigns to save their local coffee house.  I think this makes sense for some of the stores, but not all.

There is a Starbucks that is about 2 miles from me and is closing. I will be brutal here, it won’t be a loss.  Their service was always sub-standard and for all the times I went in there and saw the same faces, they never remembered what I ordered.  Once I was seven cents short on cash and the lady actually looked at me like she wouldn’t give me my drink because of it.  I had to go to my car and rummage for a quarter – and then she didn’t give me back my change!  So, if that is the image Starbucks is going for, then keep on it! It’s working well for you.  After repeated incidents like that, I actually drive out of my way to frequent other Starbucks. Yes, they are still getting my bucks, so who’s hurting who here??

As not good as those experiences at that ONE store have been, the other Starbucks in Omaha are incredibly good.  There are others with a drive thru that are amazingly fast and friendly, and others that are walk in only and despite my infrequency, do seem to know that my drink is a Venti Chai Latte. It is the only drink I have ever gotten and will ever get.

Yes, I am a chai fanatic.  It is the closest thing I have found to the Indian tea my dad used to make at home when I was kid. Of course, it’s not nearly the same, or nearly as good, but it’s a nice substitute.  I have tried every other coffee house across the States (literally) and not one chai elsewhere comes close.  What’s worse, there are some coffee chains in Omaha that use powder to create their chai. Just horrible.  I don’t do coffee – never have. I am that odd geek that thinks it’s too bitter and nasty.  Then again, when you see how much milk and sugar I put in my tea, you’d understand!!

I know what you are thinking, with prices rising the way they are, shouldn’t I be cutting back? Well, I have and do.  When I want to treat myself to something, I go the way of Starbucks instead of the mall, a furniture store (I am dying to decorate), or a bookstore (where I could easily spend $100 before I even blinked).  Then I go to a nearby park and enjoy.  I would rather spend $3 than the hundreds I could spend via retail therapy.  Similar to MTV, I want my chai!!


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