20 year love affair

July 23, 2008 at 5:48 pm Leave a comment

I have had a love affair for the past 20 years.  It started off with a wide-eyed and innocent Anissa and has evolved into a craving I sometimes cannot nourish.  It’s hard to believe it started around this time 20 years ago, but that is when I became entranced with Target.  Yup, that’s right, Target.  It is one of my favorite places to shop, not just for household items but food too.  SuperTarget is a great addition to my addiction, as is the in-store Starbucks (which feeds my aforementioned chai addiction – see previous post).

I know, you are thinking, what. a. dork.  You are dead on target too. I am a dork and nonetheless, proud of it.  Women have a myriad of ways to make themselves feel better.  It could be a mani/pedi, a night out with the girls, an afternoon movie, reading a book by a fire, a bubble bath.  I didn’t say those were the ways I necessarily make myself feel better, as there are times retail therapy is the only cure for what ails me.  Let’s get real here, I am a woman. I like to shop.  My favorite things to shop for are unnecessary items from Target to make my home even more homey, and books. And let’s face it, Target has a great selection of books too!  I used to be a complete shoe hound, right up there with Imelda, but that has passed somewhat.  And I still love a great purse.  Again, Target can often hit me up just fine in those areas too.

Think about me tomorrow as I meet up for a rendezvous to celebrate our 20 years together.  Luckily, I live within a mile of a SuperTarget.  It’s always good to be close to something you love!

Lest you think I am not aware of our economic woes, I have compared prices of 4 different grocery chains in Omaha to Target on such staples as milk, bread, eggs, and cereal. In every instance, Target was the least expensive by an average of seven cents.


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