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Numb’s the word

I just love this phrase.  I read it for the first time yesterday and it is still making me smile, because that is what the Farmer’s almanac is predicting this winter.  I was talking to my friend Cheryl about a week or so ago – both of us giddy with excitement that fall is around the corner.  The sun set that day at 8:19 and here just barely a week later, it is setting ten minutes earlier.  It was enough to inspire me to call her again so share my complete joy!

For those that know me, this time of year is my absolute favorite.  I know, I know, you could say that the “holidays” are everyone’s favorite. But that isn’t what I mean.  This marks the beginning of my “happy” season – school supply shopping.  Going to any store where there are office supplies just makes me feel ten again.  Then we have the Labor Day holiday in which you get a long weekend to enjoy summer to its fullest, while secretly hoping for fall, so you can sleep with the windows open.

Which brings us to Fall.  One of the best times of the year.  The smells (yes, fall has a smell), the crispness in the air, the beauty of the leaves, sweatshirts and shorts. Ahhhh, my heart is singing right now.  Then along comes Halloween. This is the BEST holiday ever invented, ever.  I love decorating for it, dressing up, giving out candy, the scary movies, all of it.   That’s right, it’s the tops in my book.

By the time I am finishing up my Halloween candy, my birthday rolls around.  Wahoooo, presents!  And as I get older, I shower myself with presents.  I believe we should all treat ourselves on our birthday (among other things).   As the glow of my birthday wears off, along comes Thanksgiving.  A tradition of giving thanks and eating.  How could you not love a holiday that only asks of you to have gratitude?  And then comes Christmas and New Years.

See I told you – an amazing “happy” season that begins with school supplies and ends with champagne, with some candy and turkey in the middle.   I am truly bouncing out of my chair right now with anticipation.  Can’t you just feel it?!

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Visual Feast

Well, the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics did not disappoint. I was once again impressed by the creativity, the color, the pageantry, and the send off to London.  My viewership of the Olympics didn’t change that much from the beginning to the end nor did my excitement at some of the feats.

Watching Usain Bolt win his second gold medal, then his third in the relay was … well, I think he must have jets in his shoes.  I loved seeing the women’s beach volleyball duo capture their second gold and then cried like a baby when the men’s volleyball team with Coach McCutcheon win the gold.  His story will always be one of great happiness and great sadness; I hate it for him and his family.

I look forward to London’s show in 2012!

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On the edge of my chair

I don’t know about you, but I have watched just about every second of the primetime coverage of the Olympics as I can. I have found it extremely inspirational, entertaining, and amazing.  There wasn’t a chance I was going to miss Dara Torres make history, or the Romania gymnast (no way I am going to try to spell her name) who was competing in her 5th games and won a silver, or Nastia and Shawn win Gold and Silver in the women’s gymnastics all-around competition, or Michael Phelps.

I loved reading this article about him via a Positive Psychology site that I frequent.  But one of the greatest things I saw him to do, besides break records, was give his mother credit for how she helped him and how he values their relationship. At the end of the interview with his mom and Bob Costas, she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek and he kissed her back. No embarrassment and no hesitation.  I just love this guy.

And some of his words of wisdom – “Stay positive and dream big” – no simpler words have been spoken conveying the greatest message.

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Life and what not

Saint Thomas Aquinas – “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”

I don’t know about you, but that quote pretty much says it all.  A friend of mine sharing his good fortune yesterday and his gratitude for our friendship.  A Facebook request from a high school friend I haven’t seen or talked to in over 20 years (we both moved during high school), who I have missed greatly many times over the years.  A friend sharing stories about her boyfriend. These moments are the kind that wake me up and remind why I am here on this earth.  It’s all about relationships and love.  I hope you are enjoying your life to the fullest as well because today, my cup runneth over.

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I don’t know about you, but watching the men’s gymnastics team compete on high bar was spectacular. I had goosebumps like crazy during Horton and Spring’s routines.  The men’s team is not holding back and loved it when, in their group huddle, Horton said “no fear, no regrets.”  Wow, if we all lived our life this way, can you imagine the results?

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Olympic Moments

I know there are great Olympic moments, but then there are some TRULY GREAT Olympic moments. Mary Lou’s 10’s and all-around title, the US Hockey team in 1980 (yes, I watched it!), Kerri Shrug’s amazing vault with a broken ankle to help team gold.

And now the Men’s 4X100 relay tonight.  What an spectacular finish.  I love that even American commentators said the US didn’t have a shot of the gold.  But that’s what makes for a true game.  Each member of the men’s 4X100 provided exceptional performance to pull off a huge team win.  It was glorious to watch.  I guess folks should take care in what they say because the American men’s team is listening and they are letting all their swimming do the talking.

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We Are One World

I am sure I was not the only one riveted to the 29th Olympics Opening Ceremony. I found it beautiful, unique, creative, artistic, mesmorizing and simply amazing.  This is a country that showed they could excel at the technical (good Lord that LED screen was just astounding) but also at the people (11,000 participants, in awesome harmony).

It has already proved to be memorable.  The Opening Ceremony.  A murder.  Phelps first (and certainly not last) gold medal.  Next up, Dara Torres!

Ultimately, we are one world. I was thrilled when Park, the Korean disqualified in 2004 for the same event, won a gold in swimming. The first swimming medal for Korea. It’s going to be an exciting 17 days!!

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Geek in love

Yes, I have just described myself. I am a geek in love.  Across the states, folks are gearing up for back to school, which means SCHOOL SUPPLY shopping. I am a geek in love when it comes to school supplies. I absolutely love this time of year and it kicks off what I like to call the “season of love” (more on that tomorrow).

I could open up my own office supply store with amount of stuff I already have at home.  Heck, I would love to own an office supply store!! I love all things organizational.  You name it, I probably have it (or want it), such as a shredder (confetti kind), a label maker (10 years old and going strong), binders galore, a million different pads of paper, countless pens and pencils, a zillion types of post-its, every little extra for a laptop, desk, etc.

I have even ventured beyond the traditional office supply stores and have gotten myself hooked on Levenger products. If you don’t know Levenger, allow me to introduce you. It is by far the most heavenly of planners, folios, and paper around. The circa system is just amazing. I have been a huge fan for about 5 years now.  I have bought gifts for others and do my best to get others hooked too. Nothing like sharing your addictions!I say addiction because there are times when I will hear myself say ‘I haven’t bought a new (fill in the blank) in a while, maybe it’s time to hit Office Max’ and off I go.   Which reminds me, I haven’t been in a while, so off I go!

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The Geography of my Life is set to Music

I am sure this has happened to you. A song starts playing and it immediately whisks you back to a high school dance, or college date, or maybe a road trip.  As the song continues to play, you have shifted to that time. You can almost feel the sun, the breeze, hear the cadence of a conversation, the melody of your senses are playing now.  Most times, the time travel elicits a shared story of good times past. Other times, a reminder of a painful situation like a breakup. For me, it tends to set my geographical compass.

I moved around quite a bit when growing up.  At the time, I didn’t see many advantages of it other than I was able to reinvent myself for about 10 minutes at my new school, in the new state.   Except for one instance when we moved during the middle of the school year as a sophomore in high school (the day the Challenger blew up – awful coincidence), I was fairly ok with the nomadic experience. I wasn’t exceptionally excited or distraught at each move and I credit my parents for moving during the summer to reduce the strain on my sister and I.  Looking back, I am very grateful for having moved around so much. I have learned more about different people, states, cultures, styles,  and customs, but mostly myself.  You would think I moved to another land, but living in places like Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia – they are each unique and offer vastly different experiences and history.

For me, I can’t remember the years of songs (or titles for that matter) or often can’t quickly name the year an event took place, but I can tell you exactly where I lived and which house (if we moved a few times within the same city, which happened often too). Heck, I can still give you all of my addresses back to when I was a baby.  The geography of my life is set to music and for most songs of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, I can tell you where I was, what I was doing and most importantly, where I lived.

Even now, as I listen to a song from my iPod from many years ago, I can picture myself sitting in the car with my sister as we go to Kroger with mom for the weekly grocery shopping trip.  We live in Indiana, I am in third grade and we just passed the Dairy Queen that we frequent for celebrations after mine and my sister’s softball games.  Ahhhhh, the power of a song. Where does it take you??

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Happiness is …

How do you fill in that blank?  I found that asking this question is very interesting when learning about others.  I asked this of a friend and she honestly replied I have no idea. When I asked what she would do on a Saturday if all the chores were done and the afternoon was free for her to do anything.  Again, she replied no idea.  Meanwhile, our other friend was bouncing out of her seat with all of her ideas of how she would spend an afternoon on her own without kids, chores, errands, etc.

I hope you aren’t just thinking about what you would do.  Making time for yourself and your choices is just as important as making time for your family, friends, and tasks.  For those less touchy-feely people, this is the act of self-care. It is not selfish! Remember Randy Pausch’s words about his learning from the airlines – put your oxygen mask on first in order to then assist others with theirs.  Hope you are doing the same!

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