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Have a Happy Halloween everyone!   Hope you have a Peanuts kind of night!

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Grey’s Overboard

I have been a loyal fan of Grey’s Anatomy since before it even started. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly profiling the show prior to its pilot, I was dying to watch it. I haven’t missed an episode (not that I want that on my headstone or anything). But tonight’s episode really killed it for me.  All the air is out of the balloon.

If you didn’t see it, good.  I wish I hadn’t.  I know, die-hard animal lover can’t handle the truth. Doesn’t like to see animals suffer or in pain.  Yup, yup, and yup.  I understand that animal testing exists. I understand that meat is murder.  Over the past six months or so, I have slowly been moving over to vegetarianism because of my beliefs (wish I could go all the way – vegan that is – but I don’t know that I can make the transition).

Despite my knowledge, I can choose not to watch that kind of thing.  Every time The Humane Society or the ASPCA sends a video via email about animal cruelty, or puppy mills, or anything else, I delete it without reading or watching. I can give generously, as I have for decades, without seeing the harsh realities. Being aware is more than plenty for me.   I think I will find another way to entertain myself maybe start checking out Must See Thursdays on NBC.

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Do you know Scleroderma?

My friend Laura shared this site with me about a month ago.  It is the most beautiful, uplifting, happy, and wonderfully honest blog about a mom dying of a Scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disorder.  Watch this video, it is truly amazing. But more than that, read some of the posts written by the author herself. She has incredible wit, an amazing love of life, and truly found her passions in her husband, kids, family, friends, community and work.  I have never met Michelle but she has inspired me like no other.

Please donate to the Scleroderma Foundation.

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Levenger Love

My name is Anissa and I am geek for office supplies.  Yes, it’s a crazy odd addiction but there you have it.  I have things like a confetti shredder in my office, a ton of different supplies, and pens galore. But  my ultimate addication is with Levenger.  For those of you who know of this great catalog and website, it is truly the ultimate in office supplies.  I am a huge Circa fan and have a ton of everything – leather pad folios, circa three-hole punch – you name it, I have it.  Why do I bring this up other than to share (and believe me, I do my best to convert anyone and everyone I meet after they remark how cool the product is)? Because last night, I caught a bit of Biggest Loser on TV and one of the contestants had a Levenger Circa folio and I was shocked. It’s the first time I have ever seen Levenger products beyond the workplace or outside of  my four walls.  I am telling you, if you like organization and efficiency in your notebooks, calendars, etc., this is the company for you! Give it a look-see.  But I warn you, it can be addicting!

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Geek O’Lanterns

Wow, totally flippin cool.  As a person who loves Halloween more than any other holiday in the year, this site was cool to stumble upon and see the amazing pumpkin carved creations.

Don’t forget to catch the annual Peanuts halloween cartoon tonight.  Ahhh, good stuff!

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“Lost” Weekend

I am sure the first thought was that I spent the entire weekend either catching up on all the seasons of Lost or just re-watching my favorite episodes.  I wish I could admit to that.  Instead, I humbly concede that I spent the entire weekend sleeping.  I think I was up a total of about five hours between Friday night and this morning.  When the body tells you to take it easy and slow down but you play deaf and dumb, well eventually things are going to come to a head.

I do feel rather like Rip Van Winkle.  Saturday, it was supposedly very pretty out, great fall day full of sunshine. Yesterday, it was cold and blustery. I say blustery because at times I could hear the wind howling like nuts, or maybe that was the cats scared out of their minds.  Regardless, it was 33 degrees with the wind chill yesterday and 20 degrees colder than Saturday.  I missed it all.

I missed helping my friend out both days and a costume party Saturday night.  But with how well I feel now, I could almost run a marathon. Ok maybe not!  But at least I can rejoin the living.

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Random Travel thoughts

courtesy of Seth Godin.  I warn you, I would not be eating or drinking while reading this, as I was or you will have hot tea coming out your nose!

Have you ever noticed that we don’t have a word for the opposite of faceless (as in faceless bureaucracy)? Faceful? Perhaps that’s because bureaucracies, by their nature, refuse to answer to us when something is broken.

Why does a banana cost twenty cents at the supermarket and  $1.61 at SFO? Are hungry people supposed to subsidize non-hungry travelers?

When I go through security, why do I need to remove a cardigan sweater but the woman standing next to me can keep her cashmere blouse on? Are certain kinds of wool inherently risky?

What would happen if Imagineers from Disney designed the security line? Why not let them try?

Why doesn’t the airport have sleeping benches? Worse, far worse, why isn’t there someone you can ask that question to?

After inspecting more than twenty million pairs of shoes, have the screeners found even one dangerous pair?

After seven years, why is random yelling still the way that TSA screeners communicate their superstitious rules to people in line? Will this still be true in twenty years?

Why don’t we spend some of the time and money we’re wasting on security theatre to do things like secure ports or make airport runways safer?

Why don’t hotels have very simple alarm clocks?

It used to be extremely dangerous to give people on planes a metal butter knife and a fork with their meal. Now, it’s apparently no longer dangerous. What happened? If this was an overreaction not based on data, should reexamine other possible overreactions?

If it’s so dangerous to have your ipod on during takeoff and landing, how come you’re allowed to have it with you on the plane at all? Does all the scolding actually increase safety? How?

Why does the FAA require the airlines to explain to every passenger how to buckle their seatbelt? Don’t people who have managed to safely get to the airport but have never mastered this skill deserve whatever happens to them?

Should we settle for silly superstitions and uncaring bureaucrats merely because planes rarely crash? I’m not happy to settle for the incredible waste of talent, time and money that the domestic airline system represents.

We can do better. They can certainly do a better of being clear and rational and responsive, don’t you think?

And of course, so can all of us that run organizations.

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