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Rachel Getting Married – a review

This was a fantastic movie, in that it truly captured the horror that can be families. The wonder, the drama, the dysfunction, the love and the tenderness that can be families.  Anne Hathaway did an amazing job portraying this damaged and tortured person, Kim, while still believing in the love and hope of her family.

What blew me away more than anything is that Kim was a drug addict prior to the trauma that occurs.  We have no clear indication how, when or why she became an addict or self proclaimed “junkie.” Her mother is in so much denial to her daughter’s drug and alcohol problems, she makes a judgment error. This leads to a incredible tragedy at the hands of Kim’s character.

What I find surprising is that Kim’s family forgives her, still loves her, still supports her and still want her to be an active member of the family – despite the pain she has caused, the mistakes made, and all the lies.  It is hard for me to fathom that since I didn’t do anything nearly as damaging to my own family the way Kim did and my outcome is in clear contrast to hers.  Families will never cease to amaze me.

Another notable standout – the actress who played Rachel was phenomenal!  Plus the actress playing Emma is named Anisa – cool!

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I realize how much technology has “invaded” our lives, bringing with it just as many blessings as headaches.  But when you lose your cell phone (in my case a Blackberry), the realization hits just that much harder.

I remember when I could remember phone numbers forever, long after knowing the number was even useful.  I worked at one company for over seven years and since most of my coworkers had also, I could remember just about any number for anyone. This comes in handy when you are in a conference room with no phone directory!

But now, I just plug someone’s number into my contacts and hit save. I don’t have to remember the number as I can search by name and hit call.  Now, what I remember are people’s emails. I can remember those off the top of my head not that it will always do you much good.

Sadly, I lost my phone yesterday morning, or I think yesterday morning but I guess it could have been Wednesday night. I have no true idea when it went missing, only to notice it gone late in the afternoon when I wanted to use it.  Being without a cell phone, having no idea what anyone’s numbers are so as to call from a payphone (do those still exist??) or someone else’s cell phone, it’s a pretty odd feeling.

Luckily, a very nice person found it and because they brand phones with the carrier name (thankfully in this case), she took it to a local Verizon, who then sent me an email via my account.  This is the part where technology is awesome because as I eat breakfast this morning in front of my laptop reading my daily blogs and email, I came across this wondrous inquiry from Verizon about my personal account.

Ahh, the genius of technology.  I am now off to Verizon to pick up my phone. Hope your day is every bit as miraculous and splendid as mine!

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Snowbound, a chant

I know I am not a meteorologist but I happen to know that last year, the day before Thanksgiving, Omaha had its first big snow.  I believe it was the first snow of the season and it was beautiful to watch 5 inch of white noise fall throughout the day.  I remember this because I was thrilled to see it, had been dreaming about snow starting around Labor Day, and was off that day to watch it.  I also remember that my getting up before the roosters did to head out for Black Friday deals was quite cold.

Darn the luck, but that isn’t going to be the case this year. So far, other than two Saturdays ago when there was some light snow in the air (yes, in the air, barely a trace), we have seen nothing substantial in the way of snowfall. It disappoints me greatly.  Yes, I would prefer to be up before the sun on Black Friday, dressed for below zero wind chills but it won’t be happening.

Maybe a little song will help – adapted from the rain, rain, go away type of singalong:

Snow, Snow, come today,

Come again every day.

Snow, Snow, come today,

Come again every day.

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Christmas sensations

It’s odd, but for the past few days I have started to really feel like this weekend was Christmas weekend and not Thanksgiving and the start of the season.  I actually started to feel a bit blue as I thought the holidays just passed by too fast and could not believe it had come and gone so quickly when I have been basically thinking about the holidays and snow for months and months now.

Maybe it’s the fact that some stores actually had their holiday decorations out BEFORE Halloween. Or maybe it’s that some music stations starting playing holiday music weeks ago.  Maybe it’s the lack of cornucopias (remember those)?  In any event, I am happy to realize that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that Christmas is still another 4 weeks away.  Tomorrow, I am looking forward to spending time with friends and am especially grateful for all the blessings that have come my way lately.  Hope you feel the same!

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The Safe Haven Law

Interestingly, some states have a Safe Haven Law that protects unwanted infants.  For example, a young mother decides that she can’t raise the baby and after delivering, instead of leaving the infant in a bathroom or a dumpster (which used to be what you’d hear about), she can drop the infant off at a hospital with no repercussions to the mother thereby allowing the baby to be adopted.

Well, Nebraska got it a bit wrong. They enacted the Safe Haven Law in July.  That was the good thing. They didn’t put an age limit on the law (under 10 days old for example). That was the bad thing.  In recent months, not one infant has been dropped off under this law; only children and teens. Yes, children and teens.  Families have dropped off their kids to area hospitals because they can’t handle “it” or “them” anymore.

As someone who has been estranged from some members of my family for over 13 years, this was a crushing blow to continue to hear about these stories.  I know what it’s like to be abandoned but for me, it wasn’t quite as definitive as parents going to a hospital to drop their kids off and say “take them, I can’t deal with it anymore” while kids cry and wail “I will be good, please don’t leave me”.  It absolutely breaks my heart to hear these stories because I can surely empathize.  There is obviously a real issue at stake here when over 34 children are abandoned by frustrated parents.  But this law was not designed for those situations (maybe this will spur some other community action though).

Nebraska is doing it what it can to address both very serious issues, which I applaud.  But for those out there that wonder about the future of these children, as someone who can relate, blood is NOT always thicker than water and you can absolutely find love, support, friendship, success, and happiness in this world on your own terms.  I say this as living proof.

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Amazon Customer Vote

Wahoooo! It’s back!  For the 3rd year running, is bringing back the Customer Vote, their own special Black Friday extravaganza that goes for 6 days.  It’s amazingly fun and you don’t even have to leave your house at 4am!

So, if you are a past Customer Vote participant, or want to play this year, get your vote in NOW. Here’s the link:

For some reason, there hasn’t been as much fanfare on the site as last year, but I think it’s only a matter of time.  Have fun, sign in, and vote!!  Great deals can be had by many.

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Musical Chairs and other games

I don’t know about you, but games like musical chairs and duck, duck, goose were some of my faves in elementary school (along with tether ball, dodgeball and four-square).  The one thing that strikes me almost immediately is that all of these games involved movement, being active, and being physically strategic. But that is not why I reminisce.

I was watching Ellen today and she had some contestants playing musical chairs and I was laughing so hard my sides ached.  I absolutely love this show. Ellen cracks me up pretty continually throughout the hour and it doesn’t matter if I am watching a recording of it days later or not.  What I love most is the fact that she is in touch with her inner child and today’s show was great evidence of it. Now, if I can get her to play duck, duck, goose .. that will be the best!!

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Big Bang Theory

This is a great show – Monday nights, CBS.  It’s intellectual with tons of humor.  The critics didn’t like it at first, but then again, I never seem to agree with the critics anyway. But now, they are starting to see the hilarity in the show.  If you are looking for some laugh out loud moments, it’s one of the few shows that delivers (besides How I Met Your Mother (love, love, love Barney) and Two and a Half Men).  A great comedy block to get your week going!!

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Porn – rated R

It’s interesting that a movie theater in Utah will show The Saw V but not Zack and Miri Make a Porno, or Brokeback Mountain for that matter.  Surely you think me very liberal already, but don’t you think there is enough censorship and take-aways happening in the world already?  It’s a movie – one people can CHOOSE to pay for and see, or not.  There is nothing that makes going to the movies mandatory, so why not offer the R-rated flick and see what the community says via their dollars.

I saw the movie yesterday and for whatever reason (Husker game or other college football games, bone chilling wind) the vote was in for the ONE showing I went to.  The theater was not packed, as I thought it might be.  Nevertheless, it was a hilarious movie and basically, a love story. Ok, not your typical love story!  If you are a Kevin Smith fan, it wasn’t one of his best, but it was a helluva lot better than Dogma and some others he has done.  If nothing else, it was great to see Jason Mewes on screen. I dig that guy.  Makes me want to watch Clerks again.

Go to movies that you want to see or interested in, but don’t take away my ability to see what I want.  Next on tap:  Rachel Gets Married with Anne Hathaway and Happy Go Lucky at FilmStreams.

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Where’d the holidays go?

It amazes me that a week ago tonight we were celebrating Halloween.  It was such a fantastic night – kids could trick or treat without wearing long johns or a winter coat over their costumes.  Houses were decorated and pumpkins carved.  It seems that each year, more and more decorate for Halloween. This pleases me to no end!

Here we are a week later and it’s 20 degrees with the wind chill and I saw a number of people putting up their holiday lights!  All the stores have their holiday finery up and are counting the days til the end of the year.  Shoot, there is one radio station that is already playing holiday music. You heard me right!!  But what bothers me is where did Thanksgiving go?  We seemed to have fast forwarded from Halloween straight to the season of giving.  Interesting. We say this every year, but it seems to get worse and worse.  Two full months of holiday music is a bit much, even I can admit that!

Even though everyone else is trying to get you to think ahead, do things at your own pace.  Enjoy the weekends with family, watch football, go ice skating, share some hot chocolate, curl up by a fire, read a book, watch a movie together, play a board game, go for a brisk walk.  Enjoy each day and all that it brings to you, your family and friends.

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