Consumption Junction

November 2, 2008 at 8:15 pm Leave a comment

Consumption junction, what’s your function?  Channeling a little Schoolhouse Rock to try to understand why I get this way sometimes.  Retail therapy, aka shopping, is not something I do with any regularity anymore.  I will admit that I used to be horrible, just horrible.  The weekends were about shopping, movies and going out drinking with friends.  These seemed to be the top things on the married couples agenda, especially if you have no kids.  But many (MANY) years have passed and this is not how I spend my time anymore. i don’t recall the last movie I saw in a theatre, though I wish I could as I do love a good flick.  As for shopping, I really can’t stand malls anymore, let alone shopping.  I’d just as soon go get a chai at Starbucks (or the Barnes and Noble Starbucks) and just get chatty with people.

Ok, for those that know me, that darn will get me every time when it comes to books.  I am a sucker for a good read and since I read about four or five books a week, this is one vice I don’t let bother me. For one, there is a Half Price books in Omaha that is phenomenal.  Great books, great prices.  I have found textbooks for classes there!  But the biggest thing is, you can sell books. Or swap them.  So many options if you choose not to hang on to them (a rare thing for me, darn the luck).

But this weekend, I went a little bonkers. I have no idea where it came from, especially when the last thing I should be doing is to be frivolous with money.  My friend Kelly would beg to differ about my frivolity, especially with regard to my trip to Sephora.  She thinks I have been wearing the same makeup for the last five years, so to her, the fact that I bought anything new at all that didn’t look like the “same ole, same ole” meant success to her.  As for the shoes, after having foot issues and surgery for the better part of 2003 and 2004, shoes became so much less important to me.  But every now and again, you gotta get with the times and DSW was willing to lend me a hand!!

Consumption junction, what’s your function?  Well in this case, a great way to spend a fantastic November afternoon!


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