Are you ready to Barack the Vote?

November 3, 2008 at 2:16 pm Leave a comment

It’s the last day before the BIG DAY!  This is only the second time I have ever truly gotten really excited to vote.  The first time I was able to vote in an election was complete and utter freedom.  I was thrilled because I finally had a say and my voice mattered.  Yes, that’s right, every vote counts. I truly believe that.  Sadly, I missed out on the Bush/Dukakis vote by 5 days. Stupid late birthday.  But I have never missed an election, no matter where I have lived or how many times I have moved.

Tomorrow, is a huge day.  I am going to be glued to the tv and internet all day.  I cannot believe that Americans want someone in the White House who is older than Reagan was when he took office.  I cannot believe we want someone whose ads continually reak of lies, taunts, jeers and slander.  What does McCain stand for? I have no idea, he’s too busy slinging mud or invoking the Reagan name (which does nothing to endear him to me).

I can’t wait to Barack the Vote and hope that I’m in the majority come the end of the day tomorrow!


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