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I realize how much technology has “invaded” our lives, bringing with it just as many blessings as headaches.  But when you lose your cell phone (in my case a Blackberry), the realization hits just that much harder.

I remember when I could remember phone numbers forever, long after knowing the number was even useful.  I worked at one company for over seven years and since most of my coworkers had also, I could remember just about any number for anyone. This comes in handy when you are in a conference room with no phone directory!

But now, I just plug someone’s number into my contacts and hit save. I don’t have to remember the number as I can search by name and hit call.  Now, what I remember are people’s emails. I can remember those off the top of my head not that it will always do you much good.

Sadly, I lost my phone yesterday morning, or I think yesterday morning but I guess it could have been Wednesday night. I have no true idea when it went missing, only to notice it gone late in the afternoon when I wanted to use it.  Being without a cell phone, having no idea what anyone’s numbers are so as to call from a payphone (do those still exist??) or someone else’s cell phone, it’s a pretty odd feeling.

Luckily, a very nice person found it and because they brand phones with the carrier name (thankfully in this case), she took it to a local Verizon, who then sent me an email via my account.  This is the part where technology is awesome because as I eat breakfast this morning in front of my laptop reading my daily blogs and email, I came across this wondrous inquiry from Verizon about my personal account.

Ahh, the genius of technology.  I am now off to Verizon to pick up my phone. Hope your day is every bit as miraculous and splendid as mine!


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