Rachel Getting Married – a review

November 30, 2008 at 12:15 am Leave a comment

This was a fantastic movie, in that it truly captured the horror that can be families. The wonder, the drama, the dysfunction, the love and the tenderness that can be families.  Anne Hathaway did an amazing job portraying this damaged and tortured person, Kim, while still believing in the love and hope of her family.

What blew me away more than anything is that Kim was a drug addict prior to the trauma that occurs.  We have no clear indication how, when or why she became an addict or self proclaimed “junkie.” Her mother is in so much denial to her daughter’s drug and alcohol problems, she makes a judgment error. This leads to a incredible tragedy at the hands of Kim’s character.

What I find surprising is that Kim’s family forgives her, still loves her, still supports her and still want her to be an active member of the family – despite the pain she has caused, the mistakes made, and all the lies.  It is hard for me to fathom that since I didn’t do anything nearly as damaging to my own family the way Kim did and my outcome is in clear contrast to hers.  Families will never cease to amaze me.

Another notable standout – the actress who played Rachel was phenomenal!  Plus the actress playing Emma is named Anisa – cool!


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