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Specials …. For all the what if’s in your life

A Special Year-End Offer for Coaching Services with Anissa …

As many of you have already started to face, or are beginning to face, economic changes impacting your life. I want to help.  I don’t believe that coaching should be a resource only for those in established organizations or for those who are already making millions and millions a year (who are those people).  If you have ever researched coaching for your own needs, you know that individuals pay anywhere from $200-$500 an hour and up, out of their own pocket, to have a coach working with them during their transitions or other needs.

I believe we all deserve the opportunity to live our best life and gain the most from each day that we can, both personally and professionally.  Your need may involve how to give performance feedback to great employees, or determining if this is the right time to make a career shift, or maybe you are just wondering if this is all there is in life and you need to talk out your options before you make any changes.  For all these reasons, and many more, I would like to help.

For the remainder of this year,

I am providing my services via 2 options:

$45 per 30 minute coaching sessions <or>

$80 for 55 minute coaching sessions.

You can select either, and for the life of our coaching relationship, this will always be your rate.  That’s right, your rate will be locked in for life!  From my perspective, I can’t partner with you if we aren’t working together.  To walk my talk, I feel this is another way I can assist you with the questions and needs in your life.

I hope to hear from you soon! Give me a call (402.408.6840), email ( or fill out an inquiry.

Talk soon!


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