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Change is good

It’s been an interesting month so far!  I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner. For a while, I felt like it was already over and had happened (darn it). Then I felt like it was long off (darn it).  Now, I am trying to regain my spirit again.  I was really trying to believe that the economy was not taking its toll on all of us. But it is.  And the effect is being felt by many and can be broadly seen.   In some ways, this change can be good. But not always and not for everyone.

Some former coworkers of mine were laid off at the beginning of October. It was shocking and scary for everyone. It was the last thing anyone expected.  Now, a few of those very persons were rehired as contractors to the same company. Although I believe it’s good that those that need a job now have one. But I also think that the company and its management is sending an incredibly poor message about themselves – as planners, strategists, visionaries.

The news is full with information about so many companies laying off employees to cut expenses and how some companies are planning their 2009 layoffs already.  This is incredibly shortsighted and not the best way to go.  As other consultants and coaches can attest, the problem is not with the number of people, it’s with the quality of the job done by the people.  If each person is doing a quality job and is adding value to your organization, then keeping them is essential to your growth and continuity. But if you have dead weight on staff, using a layoff as an excuse to rid yourself of personnel issues is the wrong way to go because it shows your hard-working staff that you aren’t taking value seriously, are cowardly, and that you don’t appreciate people.  If you ask, people want the truth. They want to know how they are doing and how they can improve because overall, most really want to do a good job at whatever they do.

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