The Gift Card Conundrum

December 14, 2008 at 1:22 pm Leave a comment

Gift cards have definitely become the go-to gift for many.  I have been reading and hearing much from the media that this is not a good use of our money.  In fact, Good Morning America and other morning shows refuted a hoax email that was going around stating that gift cards for certain retailers were not going to be honored.  Again, it was a hoax.

I take issue with this dismissal of gift cards as a good gift idea.  If you are getting a gift card that you know the person will enjoy and get use out of, then by all means, buy it!  I love getting a chai at Starbucks.  Yes, it’s the only thing I get at Starbucks, but it’s a great little pick-me-up on the way to work, on a weekend, or just because.  I have tried all of the other coffee places in the area and theirs is the best (in my opinion).  I am also a huge fan. I buy just about all my books there (or at Half Price Books) plus a ton of other things. That site is the tops and there isn’t a day that I don’t visit it.  Target and Petsmart are other fantastic places for me; it’s where I do all my grocery and pet shopping.  To be given a gift card to any of these places is a truly magical gift to me because I know the person had me in my mind when they got it and knows how much I would appreciate it.

When you give a gift card, keep the person in mind just as you would if you were purchasing them clothing, tchotchkes, or other goodies.  If you are unable to find that special something to give, a gift card to a place they frequent is still a great gift!  So, if time has passed you by and your holiday shopping has gotten away from you, remember that this “stand by” is still a great gift. And if you really want to stump someone, put the gift card in an odd shaped box or other deceiving package!


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