Wrong Choices in the Auto Bailout

December 22, 2008 at 8:48 am Leave a comment

I hate that there are folks, just like me, struggling to either get ahead or get by.  With Chrysler indicating they will shut down all of their plants for a month and Ford following suit in some capacity, I understand the fear that employees would have about their futures.

I am going to be unpopular for saying this (not that it will stop me) but I don’t believe we should bailout the auto companies.  I think it’s time that EVERY organization re-examine their pay structures for those elite few — the CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, Boards of Directors, etc.  Is there a reason they must make 500X what the average employee makes? Is there a reason why GM and Ford CEO’s said they would reduce their salaries to $1 a year, If and ONLY IF, they received the buyout?  Is there a reason why these persons reflect the best and the brightest, or so their exorbinant pay would leave you to believe? If these champions of industry are so great at what they do, why are we in this mess to begin with?  They are the ones to be held accountable. I think they should lose their jobs. How many employees would their salary save?

It reminds me of the movie Dave, in which a look-a-like President turned out to be better than the actual President.  I could go on and on with this rant and provide oodles of data, research and other supporting materials for my argument. But there will be others on the other side doing the same. In my opinion, the champions of industry got themselves into this mess and they should be the ones to get us all out; not the government.  The government isn’t the one who has escalated your pay, your stock options, your perks to the point of abandon.

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