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My best to Kay Yow’s family

I have not been feeling myself this past week with curious medical ailments, etc.  However, to read about Kay Yow’s death at 66, it stopped me. This woman was courageous, inspiring, funny, dedicated, and most of all, a fighter.   Having lived in Raleigh for almost 13 years, I was very familiar with both Jim Valvano and Kay Yow, both of NC State basketball, and both stricken with cancer.  I am a big fan of the Wolfpack and will forever be because of my history there, but also because these individuals (and many others) who have put a face on humanity and kept fighting.  My best to Kay Yow’s family – immediate and extended – we are with you always.

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A new beacon of leadership

I love how Barack Obama has built his cabinet and going about his presidency.  First, he is someone who is not afraid to talk about books he has read or is reading.  If you haven’t read Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book about Lincoln, and one that Obama has shared as an inspriration to his own thinking, you are missing a historical treat.

Second, this is a leader who believes in the big picture, the vision of this country, and less about himself.  He selected Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State for the betterment of this country, regardless of their political history. He has selected many to his cabinet that are more experienced, learned, and skilled than he in many ways. This has not deterred him from selecting anyone. Obama is not afraid to learn from others; not afraid to be upstaged by another’s talents.  This is something all leaders should aspire instead of squandering the very people resources that could take organizations to new heights of success.

He is leaning on Republicans as much as Democrats to rebuild our economy, resolve our commitment to the wars, and to restore our image as a world leader.  I am encouraged by his leadership and truly hope that four years from now, our sense of leadership is reshaped toward our followers, toward emotional intelligence, toward servant leadersip, and less around the ‘one’.

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Inauguration of the 44th President

I don’t know about you, but there are few times that you absolutely know that you are in the midst of history.  But lately, we have all had those moments with the nomination of Obama, the campaign, and Obama’s acceptance speech in Chicago on November 4th. And now today.  This has been an amazing two years and I look forward to seeing more over the next four years of our 44th president.  I have never been prouder of our nation.

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I love that today we are honoring Martin Luther King Jr with a federal holiday. It would have been his 80th birthday today.  It seems absolutely fitting that Barack and Michelle Obama surprised some volunteers at a high school in DC to applaud their service initiative.

I truly believe our country is moving in a new direction, one we cannot even imagine.  Barack Obama is so many things, the least of which is a black man. He is a learned man,  a change agent, a volunteer, a grassroots politician, an orator, a scholar, a father, a husband, a swimmer, and a president. He is many things and this will serve our country well for the next 4 years and if we are lucky, the next 8.

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Too many movies, not enough time

I am sure this is not a new thing, but for the first time I really feel this. I have had very little time to go see any movies, most especially those that are being nominated.  To give you an idea, I want to see WallE, Tropic Thunder, Man on Wire, Slumdog Millionaire, The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Marley and Me, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Bolt, The Wrestler, and Milk.

As you can tell, I need to get on it!!  In the meantime, I will just watch the Golden Globes, which will only pique my interest further!

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How ya doing on those resolutions??

For Health, Wealth and Happiness
1. Health: Resolve to drink one glass of water instead of soda each day
2. Wealth: Resolve to take a pack lunch twice a week and invest the savings
3. Happiness: Resolve to journal one thing you’re grateful for each day

For Mind, Body and Soul
4. Mind: Resolve to read one interesting book from the library each month
5. Body: Resolve to take a 15 minute brisk walk each day
6. Soul: Resolve to do one simple, random act of kindness each day

For Peace, Love and Understanding
7. Peace: Resolve to choose peace, instead of being right, when trivial conflicts arise
8. Love: Resolve to tell someone you love them each day
9. Understanding: Resolve to listen and understand before trying to be understood

For Community, Country and Earth
10. Community: Smile and wave whenever you see a neighbor
11. Country: Resolve to replace arguments with friendly, win-win political discussions
12. Earth: Resolve to replace 3 light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs

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I have written prior about Omaha being the restaurant capital of the world. Or so it seems sometimes!  I have been traveling to Chicago weekly for the past month or two.  When I go, I often see Steak’n’Shake and wonder why that is not open in Omaha. It should be.  When I was a kid, I used to love going there, even more so than McDonalds.  They used to have their tag line “takhomasak” in neon letters and it would always be a bit odd at first and then it would hit me what it meant and then I would what one of those awesome steakburgers and fantastic fries.  Best fries anywhere (though Runza fries could give’em a run if they were of similar size/shape).

How incredible is it that I sat for a burger, fries and a shake a few days ago while it was snowing and probably not even above 1 degree?  Ahh, the simple joys of  a memory and reliving your childhood as an adult.

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Gatorade Bath

Just a small rant here, but isn’t the Gatorade bath an old and tired tradition?  One that should be retired?  After spending the great majority of the past weekend watching NFL playoffs, I thought it pathetic that the coaches know it’s coming and it seems so blase and boring.  Maybe I am wrong, but isn’t it time for a new ending to a win?

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5 days in …

So, it’s only 5 days into the new year and I am already sick to death of all the commercials, infomercials, ads, postcards, and whatnot about the latest crunchless ab workout, flirty fit dancing, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem (why do they keep choosing retired football dudes for endorsements?), or the various no-registration fee-gyms-so-join-now.

I do understand that this is cyclical.  But the truth is, as a country, we are fatter than ever. The average size for women is a 14.  Less than 30 years ago, it was a size 8.  So, this shouldn’t be cyclical, this should be a daily focus.  Not dieting necessarily, just making better choices.  No more thoughts of pigging out all weekend so that you can start a diet on Monday only to fall off by Thursday.  Just enjoy and think kaizen.  I know, dorky Anissa, kaizen? huh?  Kaizen means continuous improvement.  So if each day you are striving for continuous improvement, positive results will occur. And over time, those results will add up.  Sounds better than the alternative doesn’t it?!

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Who are you?

Have you been to the the 43Things site? I totally dig this little place. I have been a frequenter for over a year or who knows, it may be more.  For some things, I am an early adopter and just jump in.  If you are someone who things that although each of us is completely unique, like a snowflake, this site is fun to come across those random others who share one or two things that you do (especially if it’s really random!).\

Thanks to the site, and a personality quiz based on43Things’ premise (what girl isn’t sucker for a quiz?), I found that that I am also:

You are a Money Managing Reinventing Self-Knower

0% of the 35126 people who have taken this quiz are like you.

I don’t know about you, but that is probably the first validation that I have ever had that I am absolutely one of a kind, which of course pleases me to no end.   The money managing thing was odd, but I guess as you get older, that is just the natural evolution of things. As for a reinventing self-knower? That describes me perfectly.

Wanna take this fun little quiz or join the free site? Have fun!

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