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Automakers, listen up

I think this is a great time for automakers to go out and find out what consumers really want.  Go hit a few malls, a bookstore, a tea bar (ok, coffee, but I am a tea drinker), or even the local grocery store.  You don’t need to be completely scientific about it.  Pick a few places and visit those same types of places in Anytown, USA (yes, there are more than you think, and they aren’t necessarily Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, or Dallas). I am talking about Fort Wayne, Indiana or Harrisonburg, Virginia, or Wexford, Pennsylvania, or Huntington, West Virginia, or maybe Omaha, Nebraska.  These are great cities with some great people who are brimming over with ideas.

For one, every time I hear about dual climate control in cars I don’t think about what they really mean, which is a way for the driver and the passenger to operate their own temperature controls (not that it’s not a good idea).  I always think about a dual climate control in which you can have one temperature for your feet and one for your face.  Have you ever been driving someplace where it’s rather cold out, so you want a bit of heat on your tootsies, but at the same time, the sun is beating down on your windshield and said heat is making you sweat (which is why many of us have our windows cracked open when it’s 20 degrees out).  This happened a lot in North Carolina because it could get darn cold but then there would be that beautiful sun baking you while you were driving.  If you turn the heat off, your feet get a little chilly, so that doesn’t work either (no matter how great your boots are).

It happens a ton here in Omaha. I seem to constantly have my window open halfway whenever I drive even though my dash says it’s 7 degrees outside.  I love the sun too so small price to pay. However, wouldn’t be awesome if there was a way to have warm feet and a cool face at the same time? Or am I asking too much …


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