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I love a good page-turner.  When I was younger it started out with V.C. Andrews. Remember her? Flowers in the Attic, Petals in the Wind – the whole Dollanger saga. I found the series fascinating. I used to try to figure out why the mother was the way she was, how the kids turned out as the did. It was all very psychological for me, which are the best kinds of pageturners in my mind.

I moved on to Stephen King.  Wow, that man can write.  The last book of his I read was Salem’s Lot. Scared me to death and it didn’t help that most of his books were starting to get made into movies when I read that one and I knew what kind of scariness he could throw at you.  Oh wait, I did read his autobiography, On Writing, last year but I don’t think that counts. It was an awesome read if you are interested. He’s a very honest engaging writer, no matter the topic, which is why I stick to his writings in Entertainment Weekly now!

The latest page-turner I picked up is James Patterson’s latest, Run for your Life.  I liked it because it wasn’t an Alex Cross book (even though I love that series) and the language was different that some of his other books.  The only thing I didn’t like was the protagonist’s name was ‘the teacher’, which reminded me of that awful Alec Baldwin movie with Demi Moore (so awful, I can’t remember the title). If you know me, if I am absorbed in a good book, little can pry me from it.  Such was the case with this one, in which I read it in one four-hour sitting.   I am already looking for the next page-turner to read!  Any suggestions?


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