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February 19, 2009 at 10:17 am Leave a comment

I fully admit that I learn about a lot of technology, very early on.  But, you could not say I was an early adopter.  I learned about in 2004 when it was a year old but didn’t join until the following year. See, not an early adopter, though much earlier than most.  Same kind of thing with Facebook.  And now, Twitter. I have known about Twitter for about two years now. I actually created an account last spring and then never used it. Not once. Then I started using it in January.  See, not an early adopter, but an early learner.

Shoot, when you read a ton of different magazines, read about 50 blogs while you eat your breakfast, you are bound to find little tidbits of info to follow-up on later. And the crazy thing is, I do. I go off on odd internet tangents all the time. I have learned immensely this way and forever will be grateful for Google and its infinite wisdom to know where I want to head.  Google hasn’t made us dumber (still dislike that magazine cover on the topic).

If you tweet too, come follow me @positivitycoach (


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