Are you like the Runaway Bride?

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I found myself watching the last half of Julia Robert’s Runaway Bride the other night. I wasn’t in the mood to read, study, clean or even watch tv actually, but I needed to unwind and it was too late to do anything else.  I never really like this movie when I first saw it however after seeing it again, I find it very interesting.

Julia Roberts portrays Maggie, a woman who has been engaged three times but has never said I do.  As Ike the Reporter uncovers more about her, we learn that she becomes a bit of a relationship chameleon with whomever she is with at the time.  Originally, I thought this premise wasn’t realistic and that the reporter (Richard Gere) falling in love with her was just as suspect.  That part not withstanding (he’s Richard Gere for God’s sake), I do think women are more amoebic when it comes to relationships.

We tend to try something we have absolutely no interest in whatsoever if our significant other loves it.  We know that most of the fun is just being with him, especially when he’s happy doing his thing (whatever the heck that may be).  It doesn’t mean that we need to lose our own identity and interests in the process, but that can happen. Why? Because it is not as often that our significant others will try something we like for no other reason than because they want to spend time with us.

Aww c’mon you say, that’s just stereotyping.  Really? If you are a male reading this, does your girlfriend/spouse have to beg you to go to the theater, a musical, a “girlie” movie, etc.? Do you put up a fight and finally give in by making some deal “I’ll go if you do this for me (whatever that may be for the two of you)? ”  If you are female reading this, how often have you gone to a nascar race, football game (+ TAILGATE), fishing, hunting, a boat show, etc. even though it was the last thing you wanted to do?   I know, in both cases, there are some on both sides that like the particular examples I have given. Is there something else though that you wish your significant other would never, ever ask you to do with him or her again? Exactly.

As we learn, Maggie has lost her sense of self.  She ends up liking whatever eggs the guy she is dating likes.  Each of her engagement rings reflects the taste of her fiance, not her. Even the show (or what others would call the ceremony) is more about the taste of the fiance not a reflection of her, or them.  Maggie deeply realizes this, which is why she hasn’t been able to marry the three previous boyfriends. She runs again, for the fourth time on Ike, only to seek him out later and ask him to marry her after she examines who she is (and isn’t) and her life as the town joke.

What are you like in a relationship?  Do you have the space to do things on your own? Do you do things together, sometimes not necessarily what the other would want? Do you make time to do the things you both love to do?  My belief is that the healthier the relationship, the more you weave these moments into your lives.  But what do I know??

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