Ahh, the simple life ..

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I miss being in India.  I miss the simplicity of it all.  This is not to be construed as a negative or of harsh criticism to either the US or India.  I am someone who believes and lives within simplicity. I like it this way and find that as things become more complicated, I become more stressed out and overwhelmed.  I will try to create order out of any kind of chaos with as much swiftness and efficiency as I can. I dislike complicated greatly, though I do like challenges, so don’t mistake my simplicity for silliness, frivolity, or even being dumb.  I am none of those things (at least not the majority of the time!).

I have been back for about three weeks now and I am noticing some things that I find irksome. Why are there so many ads and commercials about ways to make ourselves better? There are a million products to help our digestive track, sleep aids abound, regenerative creams for every part of the anatomy, cosmetic enhancements for anything you want, etc.  What strikes me is we have all these artificial means to restore our bodies, inside and out, when all we need to do is live a healthy life.

I noticed that my entire family in India looks amazing – very young for their age, no matter what the age.  My grandmother does not look like someone in her 90’s, nor does my dad look like someone a few years shy of 70.  I noticed that the genes on that side of my family are very good, almost non-aging. I have no idea why this is. Is it because they drink a lot of tea (which I love)? Or is it because they are primarily vegetarians? Is it because they only eat wheat-based bread products? I truly have no idea. I know that it was how I ate for 2 weeks and was thrilled to no end.  Food heaven for sure!  I was always well satisfied and rarely “starving”, which I seem to always be back home because I eat, well, a bunch of processed crap.

I know that as I continue to get older, the one comment I get most often is that my skin is amazing and that I look at least 5 or 10 years younger than my real age (depends on who is doing the guessing).  When I was in my mid-30’s, I loved playing the “guess how old Anissa is” game because no one would ever guess over 30.  I always won that bet, always.  I am very grateful for the role genes are playing with my skin and appearance because I can say, with absolute sincerity, it has nothing to do with what I do.  I don’t wash my face before going to bed or have a skin “regimen”.  I wash my face in the shower in the morning and use moisturizer. That’s it – regimen over. I have rarely used any kind of foundation, so maybe that has helped; I have no idea. What I do know is that I wish I had someone to cook for me like my aunts did in India because it was fantastic and felt so amazingly ‘light’ while there.  Or maybe it’s time I learn how to really cook for myself!! I guess if I am going to live a healthy life, this is one way for me to start on my path.


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