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In some ways, focusing on customer service is a no-brainer. But some companies think they have revolutionized the idea. Whereas others, still have absolutely no concept of this.  As an example, I moved to Omaha without knowing anyone or even the area. I selected an apartment based on the amenities I needed and to be near a particular organization. However, the leasing agent assumed I was referring to the company’s location nearest to the complex and I, not having a clue, didn’t realize there was more than one company location in Omaha.  It really didn’t bother me once we realized the error upon move-in day, as most things in Omaha are not very far (at least not in my opinion).

My first year in the apartment was, for the most part, great.  I had some incredibly jerky neighbors below me (I am on the 3rd floor) who seemed to sleep during the day and up all night long – partying, playing loud music, shouting on their balcony (right under my bedroom window), and always slamming doors. Not good for a working stiff – at least not during the week. The leasing agent and I had challenges over this but she always did what she could to assist and eventually, for many other violations, they moved out.  Blissful became my home.

Second year-I thought of renting or buying a house, except I still could not decide where I wanted to put roots. I really like quite a few areas in Omaha, Bellevue and Lincoln.  I couldn’t decide and didn’t find anything in time, so I signed a lease for another year thinking that I would find the right place eventually.  During this time, new leasing management took over and in one short month, I have been accused of failing to pay rent, threatened with eviction, and told that I was violating Omaha law by having a propane tank on my balcony based on a visual outside scan. When I called, from India, about the rent situation and left a message, I received NO return message indicating “oops, we did get your payment after all, sorry”. NOTHING.  Interestingly, I had paid rent early that month due to my trip to India and even more interestingly, I do not own a propane tank. In all of my years on this planet, I have NEVER owned a propane tank, let alone a grill. I doubt I will receive a callback or apology for that accusation either.

Is it me or is the customer experience lacking? I am a paying customer who chooses to live here (albeit I won’t be when the lease ends this September).  The operative word in that sentence – chooses.  There are websites dedicated to sharing reviews of apartment communities and leasing companies/apartment managers. Do apartment complexes really think that renters are trapped with no options? I have many options and again, I will be making a choice this September to be elsewhere. Coincidentally, I heard a fantastic saying today “we believe in customer care, not service.  You service a car.”   I think that says it all.


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