Can you feel that?

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I rarely health-related issues, but this is one that warrants sharing.  For many years, I had a marble-sized lump in the middle of my back, right on my spine. It never hurt, it never changed, it never grew.  I would be aware of it and wonder when I first noticed it, but overall, it was nothing. Or so doctor’s repeatedly told me.

Then out of the blue, about a week and a half ago, the lump started hurting. Nothing too horrible, but noticeable nonetheless. A few days later, I noticed that the pain was becoming more constant with each day and it seemed to be getting bigger.  Of course, one tends to believe these things but then you wonder if you are just deceiving yourself; like when residents read about diseases and believe they have all of them. It did not help that I had the same kind of lump and pain on the right side of my neck – well below my lymph nodes.  Well, 3 days of this was enough, so I called my primary care doctor.

He did not see the two issues as being related (still trying to figure out how I feel about that). Then he says that he believes that the lump on my back is a lipoma, which are the most common non-cancerous tumors there are. Yippee! But because it is growing, is painful and located in a spot that he is not comfortable with (close to spine), he wants me to go see a surgeon for a second opinion/consultation.

In the two days between these two appointments, I have investigated all of my symptoms (ya gotta love the internet) and believe there to be a few possibilities, but like the lipoma one the best.  Two days later, I go to see the surgeon and in that time, the lump has more than doubled in size and has become a constant source of pain and discomfort. No more sleeping on my back, leaning back in chairs, or wearing a bra (though I do and hate it -except this past weekend). He looks at it, pokes and prods it in order to declare that he “believes” it is a benign tumor but he will do pathology on it to make sure. He has not declared my disease or named my specific lump, nor do I care to ask. In the meantime, he thinks that it was wise that my primary doc sent me to him because of its placement and growth. Then proceeds to ask how soon we can schedule the surgery while subsequently sharing details of the surgery, the very long incision, the many stitches and how I will have to come back to have them taken out.  Ye gads – sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

In the three days since that appointment, the lump is now quadruple the size it was originally and the pain is almost intolerable at times.  I cannot reach my arms, stretch my back in any way, graze the lump in any way or I will cry out in pain.  It is  now beyond just being a painful lump but something that seems to be stretching out into other nerves.  Arrgghh.  Any chair I sit, I must sit on the edge for fear of leaning back.  The darn thing is so big now, that if I hunch over, say at a desk, you can actually see the lump through a shirt.  I look like a dork driving because I am not sitting back against the seatback.

But alas, surgery has come and gone.  I can only hope that recovery brings less pain and never one of these things again. Oh wait, that thing in my neck .. can you feel that?


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