Getting rid of the sludge in life

May 17, 2009 at 11:03 am Leave a comment

I think there comes a point in every person’s life when you realize you are carrying around dead weight.   It may be in the form of material things, or a job, or even activities.  But sometimes, it can be a person.  When you start avoiding that thing or that person, it’s time to ask yourself why, listen, and then act by removing the noose.

I really didn’t want to do something yesterday but I did it anyway.  I probably shouldn’t have because deep down I was dreading it, which puts me in a weird mood.  Then when I got there, it was the same crap, different day.  Arrgghhh.  I said things I was thinking and feeling but still, should not have said out loud.  I tend to do this in the presence of negative and depressing people who bring me down and all I want to do is flee when my attempts at shaking them out of their foul mood goes repeatedly astray.  This is why I avoid such people. Ahh, why I don’t listen to myself!  Arrghhh.

Lesson 1 – avoid depressing, negative people who are always negative and depressing, day in and day out.

Lesson 2 – listen to inner voice when it tells you to just say no!!


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