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The World of One

I am putting this out there in the ether so that everyone knows I said it and I can’t back down later.  When, not if, I write my first book, The World Of One will be the title.  Not a single title close to this on – wahoo!!! Anyway, I have a great idea, an outline, and some rough notes, all mostly in my head.  Have I actually written the book? Well, no.  It’s on my short list of things to do this summer. The idea has been percolating for a while now and it’s time. I finally feel ready. What took so long?  Who knows.  When the writer is ready, the words will come??

I figure the only way to ensure that I will continue on the path toward this goal of mine is to share it with the world (or the small piece I inhabit).  I am also considering sharing excerpts. If you are interested in reading pieces of the book along the way, let me know. I will take any and all feedback I can get.  As a writer, I tend to have varying opinions about my work. At times, I am very pleased. Other times, I find myself to be disjointed, lacking sense or logic.  Regardless, I have come to truly appreciate when others share their constructive comments, tell me I completely lost them in the middle of that paragraph, or that I “spoke” to them. I need that outside, objective perspective.

The World of One.  More to come ……

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