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Do you ever wonder why …

  • life can’t be easier?
  • people don’t smile more than they do?
  • opening a door for another isn’t very common anymore?
  • men feel the need to NOT walk through a door that a woman has opened for them?
  • people can’t just say thank you when you compliment them?
  • love is battlefield?
  • all’s fair in love and war?
  • time goes by so fast when you don’t want it to but is slow as molasses when you do?
  • forgiving is so hard but it’s so beneficial?
  • we forget the happy things but more easily remember the negative?
  • there are debates over man’s best friend?
  • people just can’t get along?
  • someone uses information against you when they claim to be your friend?
  • others don’t take responsibility for their actions?
  • people gossip?
  • we become our parents even though we swear we won’t?
  • people hurt animals? or children?
  • there are so many choices for everything?
  • more people don’t live a life they want?
  • some people are so argumentative?
  • reading isn’t more popular?
  • we talk about the weather so much?
  • we all can’t just love and appreciate each other EXACTLY as we are?
  • we ask why so darn much?

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