Opening a window to a brighter world

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A blind man was brought to the hospital. He was both depressed and seriously ill. He shared a room with another man, and one day asked, “What is going on outside?” The man in the other bed explained in some detail about the sunshine, gusty winds, and the people walking along the sidewalk.

The next day, the blind man again asked, “Please tell me what is going on outside today.” The roommate responded with a story about the activities in a park across the way, the ducks on the pond, and the people feeding them.

The third day and each day thereafter for two weeks, the blind man asked about the world outside and the other man answered, describing a different scene. The blind man enjoyed these talks, and he grew happier learning about the world seen through the window.

Then the blind man’s roommate was discharged from the hospital. A new roommate was wheeled in – a tough-minded businessman who felt terrible, but wanted to get work done. The next morning, the blind man said, “Will you please tell me what is going on outside?” The businessman did not feel well, and he didn’t want to be bothered to tell stories to a blind man. So he responded assertively, “What do you mean? I can’t see outside. There is no window here. It’s only a wall.”

The blind man again became depressed, and a few days later he took a turn for a the worse and was moved to intensive care.

Do you open windows to a brighter world for those around you? Or do only see the walls?

Source of story: based on a story heard at a spiritual service in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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