Crystal balls and Magic 8-balls

July 22, 2009 at 6:28 pm 1 comment

I have a magic 8-ball on one of my bookshelves. From time to time, I pick it up and ask it a few questions.  I truly wish and hope that the answer is what I am hoping for.  Of course, if you are like me, if you don’t like the response, you will play the best out of 3 game (or best out of 5).  How’s that for science!! Reminds me of picking leaves from a flower – ‘ he loves me, he loves me not’ and so forth when again, it’s a fruitless exercise.

Despite my playing around with this toy, I don’t actually believe whatever the answer is, even if I get the one I want first time asked. But I have often wondered if the answer became the truth and as time passed, it became less a toy and more a crystal ball.  But my question is – if you could see into the future, would it change how you live today?  Think about that for a second.

If you knew that your something tragic was going to happen to a member of your family (not hoping for this for anyone), would it impact how you treat them now? Or if there’s been a rift between you and a previously really close friend, would knowing that person was struck with a terminal disease cause you to forgive and forget?

What if you knew that instead of it being a family member or your friend, it was your life that was going to end sooner than you expected? Because let’s be real, we all think we are going to die of old age, with a smile on our face, in our sleep.  Would you live your life differently now?  There are some people who have been given this ‘gift’ of a second chance and as a result, have made completely different choices because medically, they were given the opportunity to live beyond the two-months or whatever bit of life sentence given to them by doctors. Some have said that getting the disease and then being cured was the best thing that happened to them as it caused them to quit blindly walking through life.

Why do we need these types of wake up calls? Why would a glimpse into your future via a crystal ball change what you decide to do now?  Is this all based in our fear of change? Or our need for security? Or our desire to take the path so easily chosen?

I read a brilliant quote in a book for school the other day that stated “if you are afraid of conflict, you are afraid to grow”.  The authors were referring to teams and leaders, but I think it applies to everyone. However, I will take that a step further and say that if you are afraid to take a chance on yourself, on your happiness, on your life — then you are afraid to live.

Are you living? Or are you just going through the motions, getting by and hoping for the best?  Remember, you are the captain of your destiny. Start navigating!


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