What I don’t get…

August 15, 2009 at 6:36 pm Leave a comment

This is in response to a post I wrote last month, except now my head is going in a new direction.

What I don’t get is why:

  • some parents talk about how much they need a break from their kids and then ten seconds after they get a break, they whine about how much they miss their kids?  Why not just embrace the ‘you’ time and appreciate the precious moment presented to you?
  • some employees whine about their jobs incessantly but do nothing to change their environment or their circumstances? Why not give something a try and see if things get better and if that doesn’t work, try something else? What do you have to lose?
  • negative nellies just don’t keep their mouths shut? Didn’t Captain Kangaroo teach you anything? or Robert Fulghum?
  • some people believe security and comfort are more important than personal well-being, i.e. your happiness?
  • some people always take the same worn out path, looking forlorn toward other paths, never to be taken? Why not either embrace where you are or go for it?

I read somewhere that when you notice things about others that you don’t like or annoy you, it is really that you are noticing something that exists within you.

This really gave me pause and decided to see if this really applied to me.  I don’t have kids, so the first bullet doesn’t apply to me.  I like my jobs (all 4 of them).  There are aspects that I don’t like, but some I cannot change so the bothersome quality is no longer bothersome to me. The other aspects, I do work on to make better. I am trying.  I am not a negative nelly and actually do my best to spread happiness and cheer through inane jokes, my laughter and other hilarity.  I am a picker-upper not a bring’em-downer.

As for security and comfort, nope, not true. Anymore.  Ask me that question ten years ago and yes, that was me. Now, nope. I have done too much out of my comfort zone lately to agree with that. Could do I more though? Yes, absolutely. This is one area I very much need to continue focusing on. This kind of relates to the last bullet about not taking chances. I have taken my share over the past ten years, but again, this is still an area I need to focus on. For the last two bullets, there are still some things I would like to do that I haven’t.  The desire is there but not the action. So, hmm, maybe there is a little something to that saying after all!


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