A to-do list tattoo

August 24, 2009 at 9:24 am Leave a comment

Many of you know my fondness for to-do lists via a post I wrote. If not, check out the post.  As the addiction seemed to get more out of control and seemingly adding less value to my life, I have been foregoing them more and more. I now utilize them for immediate tasks that need accomplishing within the next half day or by the end of the day.  And no, I no longer have a list for work, school, home, weekend, and all the other delineations one could have.

As a fan of Unclutterer, admittedly more so for the workspace of the week post on Fridays than anything else, a recent post on the to-do-list tattoo caught my eye.  Upon seeing it, I was immediately transported back to North Allegheny high school in Wexford, Pennsylvania. I used this method constantly!  At the end of a class, I would write whatever was due the next day on my hand. Or at least the subject so that I knew homework needed to be done that night.  It would have been helpful to have that handy ink-safe pen!  The only challenge posed to this method was swimming class, otherwise, I was often set.

Of course, comments by others think it ridiculous, frivolous waste of money, or offer alternatives. The one that struck me as another interesting concept for my high school days would be the Wrist Reminder.  The Pittsburgh Post Gazette shares this one and again, I am struck by the creativity of it.  Sorry folks, but in high school, once that bell rang, I lost a lot of what was said as I raced to the next class.  I was often left wondering at the end of the day what I was supposed to do that night to turn in the following day.  As a consequence, I was often doing homework in the previous class for the one upcoming. That is no recipe for learning!

Of course, now, with cell phones, you could draft a text or email each day of the assignments. Or use the task list. Or the notes list. Or use the “old-fashioned” pen and paper method of a day planner.  Me, the palm and ink method got me by just fine!


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