Tis the season …

December 23, 2009 at 8:24 am Leave a comment

This can be such a lovely time of year. It can also be a tough one. It is very hard for me to hear stories that show the sadness of what the economy has done.  I was horrified to hear about the person who posted on Craigslist and when the persons came to pick up what they had purchased, they decided to rob the seller instead. I understand we are all having a hard time. I know I have been and using every penny I find in the car or couch is not an understatement. But I find hurting others like this, who are no better off than you, is hard for me to stomach.

But I have seen other acts of kindness that make my heart warm again.  A colleague at work collects toys and clothes for Project Homeless Connect here in Omaha. He will have a big togetherness for all in the Civic Auditorium and bring much happiness and joy to so many. This is an incredibly selfless act and makes me truly appreciate the human spirit.  We have done much in my workplace for the food bank when so many more this year are hurting and just want to have a meal.

I think there many of us doing all we can. The only challenge is that many of us are hurting in our own ways too.  I see so many people trying to sell personal items to make some extra money to buy food, pay bills, let alone get a little something for their kids.  I know that I have personally feel like I am coasting on fumes until the first business day of the New Year, or payday. Once a month paydays are very tough for me after all the bills are paid in the first week, especially when I want to give money to all the pet charities, the bell ringers, the Food Bank, the shelters, and. Well I could go on. I have a stack of mail from needy charities and I want to give to every single one.  I hope the new year brings many things to all. But more than anything, I hope it brings peace of mind and heart to each and every one of us.


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