Why I like this time of year…

December 24, 2009 at 8:36 am 1 comment

Despite the hectic and frenzied race to the mall by some or the type budgets of others (or all from my perspective), I truly like this time of year for a few reasons.   Some are more meaningful than others, but when I take them all together, my heart sings with happiness.

  • Community – there is just so much togetherness in the community.  So many opportunities to share, spend time with our families and friends, and be loving.  This is not an isolated feeling that only comes around at this time. But I do feel it more amplified than I would normally feel all year long. It is a time when most of us can just stop on a day of our choosing.  It may be Christmas or it may be another day for those that work on that day (nurses, police officers, firefighters, etc.). The day selected is not important, but the honoring of the day is.  I feel the warmth of caring from so many as everyone takes that extra moment to share their hearts.
  • Gratitude – this is probably relative to community. However, the gratitude and appreciation that comes from giving to a charity, a friend, or a family member is such a lovely feeling.  We all feel so grateful what life has brought us, no matter the circumstances we currently find ourselves, and want to share this with those that have helped us make our life work.  We do this throughout the year; this I believe. But I also believe that this extra moment of togetherness really lets this feeling shine through.
  • Cartoons – ok, this one probably make you take a second look. Or even wonder if I was serious. But I am. There are so many holiday cartoons that express the meaning of Christmas, the meaning of giving to others. I cannot be thankful every time I see them. It is my annual tradition and could not imagine a holiday without Charlie Brown, Frosty, Rudolph, and many others. I am sure kids today find them dated and old-fashioned, but they bring me smiles.  And I can’t go without Miracle on 34th Street (the original, black and white version).  All of these have the ability to make me cry (Frosty especially), even after all these years!
  • Snow – as you can tell from the cartoons, I am still a little kid at heart.  I still wish for a white Christmas.  And every time the weather person calls for snow, I am giddy with excitement. Just plain giddy.  I never get tired of it. I never wish for the spring.  I want the snow each every time it’s predicted. I love the white noise, the sledding, and most of all, seeing snowmen in the front yards of my neighbor’s yards.  I believe there is magic in snow (there’s that Frosty theme again) and can watch it fall for hours, as if it were movie that lasted for hours. It captivates me.

But more than anything all, I like this time of year because of the love and caring of the world.  There is so much to be thankful for and so much to appreciate.  And after giving thanks at Thanksgiving, Christmas carries this message even further.  There have been times that I have just smiled to myself and said “I’m happy”. I hope you can say the same!


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Tis the season … Wishes ….

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