Viral Vomit

December 30, 2009 at 12:22 pm 1 comment

I am sure you thought, well what the heck is she sharing her flu with us. TMI.

Actually, I am not sick physically, but am sick. I am sick of the viral vomit that pervades our media.  Is it really necessary for us to know the every move and minutiae of a celebrity life? Must we know they just went to Starbucks or hit the gym? Or that they hit a tree leaving their house in the wee hours of the night? Why is the personal life of someone else anyone’s business?  Oh you say, they are a public figure. Correct, they are. And for whatever has brought them to the spotlight, be it tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, etc., that is where our focus should lie. Their every move within their profession certainly makes sense to me, as that is what they are known for. But does that include all aspects of their lives? Should we know that got drunk and got a ticket? Or anything else that has NO relation to their specific profession?

This verbal vomit that is exuded by every media outlet, even CNN, MSNBC, astounds me. I am sure that if you faltered in your personal life and had to declare bankruptcy, got drunk and hit a parked car, had a fight with your spouse, or were in the midst of a divorce you would want some privacy.  You would not want every possible media outlet to share every detail of your own personal pain.  To be tweeted about? Voted if your behavior was right or wrong?  Or would you?  I find the way these intimate details go viral in a matter of seconds to be horrid and all the discussion to be vomit.

As someone who went through a divorce almost a decade ago, I can tell you, being the center of attention is nothing short of having your toenails ripped out (and that has happened once too).  My ex-husband and I worked together at the time and knew just about everyone we worked with as we all “grew up” together as our company grew to 4x its size. No one could believe that we would divorce, but we did. And everyone talked about us and watched us. And every move was shared; who went where, with whom, etc.  It was a horrifying and painful existence.  I drank, a lot, that year to numb myself. I do not like to be the center of attention, ever.  Friends became enemies as they claimed to have my back while they spread gossip everywhere. Some pumped my friends for information (thankfully a few not only didn’t but they told me). Friends who had previously gotten divorced and shared their secret betrayed each of us by not keeping ours.  I remember a lot despite being drunk for an entire year.

I didn’t care for that and don’t believe others should have to face that kind of scrutiny either.  I know people who have affairs and say things such as, I hope no one ever finds out, especially my kids, parents, spouse. And when their spouse does and their world crumbles, and they try to shield their kids from pain, I wonder how they would feel if everyone in America was talking about them? Judging them? Scrutinizing them?

When do we devote so much time with sharing this vomit virally? Why isn’t more attention paid to the wars? Why aren’t we investing our time and attention to important things like the earth? water consumption? poverty? obesity in children? depletion of natural resources? our soldiers?  our own challenges?Focusing on these issues isn’t easy, but there is so much we can do that is positive and does not have to be all scary, such as time with our kids and families, enjoying time together with friends, spending time outdoors at national parks, going to the movies, roller skating, making a snowman.  Do we challenges the world because we know the world needs to change, we dislike change and we don’t like to focus on areas where we can all help?  Is listening to the viral vomit an escape? Is that really who you are? Is that who we all are? I’m not sure either but I sure wish the viral vomit would go away.


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