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February 6, 2010 at 4:17 pm Leave a comment

I have some wonderful friends who say the greatest things. Laura B. told me about “finding my new normal” -this was something she heard from others in my shoes. I like that.  And it’s true!

Today, my friend Laura D. related a story to me about a friend with a similar situation and in a reply to another, she told the person “we are all terminal”.  This too is so true.  Yes, cancer has that stigma of death sometimes, but it just doesn’t have to mean that anymore.

So today’s normal for me made the sun shine, even though it is a bit overcast and we have had snow flurries much of the day (which I love by the way):

  • having lunch with Laura D and her daughter. Well it was breakfast for me, but who can pass up a good omelette!  It was just so nice to get out, laugh, and feel great.  Yes, the nausea will come later but who cares!!
  • having the construction guy who is working on our busted water main whistle at me. I know this normally would be considered crude, but it just seemed so darn normal and I smiled.
  • having a supportive, caring, and sweet guy in my life.  Who sends me cards – which I love – today’s being tremendously awesome.
  • Going shopping for something other than ginger ale, cream of wheat, Club crackers, cereal, peanut butter, or bread while I pick up prescriptions. And yes, those are the highlights of my diet lately.  That and apples.
  • Talking to Nancy on the phone, like two old girlfriends, without a care in the world
  • Menley and Mew fighting again. I don’t usually like it when they fight beyond the play fighting, but they haven’t done it in a while so it was a welcome relief that they too are back in old spirits.  Ask me how I feel about this tomorrow!

It all sounds so boring, I know, and that was what I like about some of things that have happened.  The new normal, not like the old normal.


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