Round 2 – ding!

February 16, 2010 at 5:23 pm 1 comment

So the easy part is done – the actual injection of all the chemo.  I know, it’s hard to believe, but that is true. Now it’s just handling the after effects! I spent the weekend getting caught up on just about everything so that I could get off that hamster wheel. Then, when the naps in the mid-afternoon kick in again, I am prepared.   It’s still weird to see myself in a hat and definitely without one! And odd as this sounds, it is still surreal to see T-cell Lymphoma on my chart and follow-up paperwork.

I’ve had amazing friends and family cheering me on, making me laugh, getting me out and about, and overall, giving me incredible strength.  I can’t say it enough … thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

I don’t know if you can say this, but hope you can. I have the best jobs in the world.  I am a professor and student.  I would say coach, but right now, I have been preparing for my second level certification, so haven’t been coaching outside of practicums.  So, in essence, still a student.  As a professor, I have met some great students that really challenge me and have enjoyed getting to know.  But I also love developing curriculum and well, reading textbooks.  I know, such a dork.  I have the best group of colleagues to work with and I tell you, if you can laugh, have fun and enjoy going to work, well then you have hit the jackpot.

As for being student, you already know that I am dork and love to read textbooks, so this wasn’t a stretch.  I do love learning about new things and after many doctoral fits and starts, finally found my educational home.  Many of you know about my prior doctoral attempts of starting, take a break, then restarting. I really did think I was just done with school. After reading every book (so it seemed) on leadership in my leisure time then getting a graduate degree in it, I finally realized why I felt so unchallenged before. It was all the same stuff, again, except at a PhD level.  I was tired of rehashing the same theories.  I thought I was unmotivated. I thought I was just bored. Well, some of that was true, but for the wrong reasons I realize now.  I really thought I didn’t want a PhD. But I do. I want to be challenged in new ways and broaden my mind more than I can do on my own.  This really isn’t about letters. Heck, I never use any of them. It’s about those ways of stretching yourself.  Love of learning is my number one VIA Strength and it is me to the core.  UNL, the program, the classes and my advisor have been great in terms of challenge, support, and restoring that learning love within. Plus, I get still get to say Go Big Red!

Yup, life is good.  And as the website says — do what you like, like what you do. I hope you do too!


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