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So, I took a first step toward a dream recently. I have long since harbored the desire to write. It started in 3rd grade. Whenever we finished our work early, we could visit one of the four corners of the room for extra things to do to stay busy. I always went to the creative writing corner. First, the story starters were always the same so for some odd reason, I would write a relatively similar story each time. I was told to be more creative. Hey, you be more creative and throw out some different story starters I thought. Or even better, can I just start on my own, fresh with no story starter. When you are in 3rd grade, questions like these aren’t always met well since you have finished your work early and the teacher really wants to concentrate on those that are still working. I have always finished my work early but that shouldn’t be my problem 🙂

Academic writing in APA English during junior and senior years in high school put me off for a bit and I started to think that maybe it was all just a silly thought once upon a time.  However, I notice that I think of stories all the time, especially when I am in that state between being in bed and falling asleep. This is also when I think about things I need to do, but that is for another time!

I started a blog in 2006 and just didn’t know what to do. I had lost my voice. I started again in 2007 through my company’s site and then it took off from there. I realized that I had things to say about coaching and organizations, but I had a ton to say about life and whatnot. So this one came along in 2007 too.

As a way to test out my courage and see how I would feel being pseudo-published, I compiled all of my blog posts for this site from the start til the first one January of this year. I added some stuff, got an ISBN number and published via I got my finished product today and I must say, the immense feeling of accomplishment of doing something like this is pretty good.  I feel a little like a short story writer as I know that these posts are ones I wrote, that had meaning to me when written and now, and that this is a product of me. It’s pretty cool!  I made some mistakes and learned some lessons, but it is cool to hold this hardback with the layout I selected. I have other ideas of things I want to do but mainly now I want to pull out all those stories and ideas and see where they can take me.  Shoot, sitting for chemo is about a 4 hour process, there’s some time right there 🙂

What dreams do you have that are on the shelf that you can dust off?


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